The Whole Kit And Kaboodle Moe Mechanics


tony. rob - August 3, 2016

Hi JH I tried this at the range last weekend and hit 50 Balls. A few balls
flew extremely well and dead straight and long for me. I think I started
to get the right leg behind the lead leg as you describe.On Monday I was
struggling to walk. The inner thigh on the right leg into the groin hurt
like hell. Obviously I do not have the range of motion to do that move. Is
there some way to circumvent this move to alleviate the strain on that
inner thigh and still get a good result. I am 68 years oldRegardsTony

    1atomicgolf - August 3, 2016

    Hi Tony,
    I have mentioned on occasions the requirement to have a fairly good range
    of hip extensor flexibility and groin muscles, if you release the right
    heel a bit but keep and just let it float laterally without rolling
    outwards you still should get a good result from the swing and it will take
    a lot of the stretch requirement out of the action.
    cheers JH

Chip Satterly - August 3, 2016

Hi JH,
I’ve REALLY been enjoying your new series on the recent “atomic” changes
you’ve found in Moe’s swing.
Yesterday, I was watching some video clips on Henrik Stenson and suddenly
realized that he has a very interesting move that he uses to start his
There is a type of squatting/sitting move followed immediately by a very
interesting move of his right leg. It looks to me like he is straightening
his right leg as his left knee folds in.
Anyway, I haven’t seen it in slow motion so as to able to dissect it more
thoroughly but it does appear that he is getting into a Moe-like move with
his right leg.
If you get a chance, take a look and tell us what you think.
No doubt that Stenson has found something that has allowed him to become an
amazing (if not Moe-like) ball striker.
Best regards,


    1atomicgolf - August 3, 2016

    Hi Chip,
    Henrik has that little precursor move into his right side to make sure he
    gets his weight shift programmed because he used to have a very pronounced
    ‘pickup’ of the club in his early days and because he is such an free Arm
    swinger it was easy for him to just pick his arms up and not get enough
    rotational weight shift on the back swing.
    I think he has the most aggressive free arm swing I have ever seen from any
    world class player, but if you get to aggressive with the arms on the
    backswing as he does its very easy to not shift the weight into the trail
    side as you need to to facilitate the amount of lead weight shift you need
    on the forward swing to balance up the support of the super aggressive free
    arm swing into the ball.
    cheers JH

Craig Mcmahon - August 20, 2016

Hi JH, I’ve been a long time admirer and follower of Moe’s perfect
mechanics and have only recently discovered your videos, which I’m really
enjoying. I’ve read almost every book there is about Moe and would like
your opinion on the part in Greg Lavern’s book where he reveals Moe’s most
important secret move (also done by Hogan apparently) and that is the first
move on the downswing being a move TOWARDS the ball with the sternum.

    1atomicgolf - August 20, 2016

    Hi Craig,
    I haven seen that reference by Greg Lavern, I haven’t read any of his stuff
    because he labelled everyone but himself as ‘Knuckleheads’ if we had the
    temerity to offer ‘any’ opinion on Moe’s swing mechanics, so I have no
    opinion on anything that he says frankly.
    I will however point out the Anatomic flaw in that statement if it was made
    in that specific frame of reference.
    If we deduce that at the finish of the back swing Moe has turned his
    shoulders normally to his right and being constructed as all other Humans
    are his sternum is located between his shoulders which are turned at right
    angle to the ball line how can the sternum be the first body section to
    move towards the ball , how do you get the lead shoulder out of the way for
    the sternum to be the first responder to the downswing without the lead
    shoulder moving before the sternum.
    Anatomically its impossible for the sternum to move independently of the
    shoulder girdle, ok its semantics but this is the problem with so much
    instruction information, its ‘perception’ by the person making the claims,
    even Moe clearly didn’t do things he thought he did in his swing.
    If Lavern had said Moe had the ‘Feeling’ his sternum was the first thing
    that moved to the ball on the downswing that could be accepted… but the
    ‘feeling’ of the sternum going to the ball could not have happened if the
    shoulder girdle did not stay closed and the proximal part of the body being
    the left shoulder had not initiated the oblique transverse diagonal move
    back to the ball line.
    The sternum at the top of the back swing is facing ‘away’ from the ball
    line…if it is to be the ‘first. thing to move ‘towards ‘ the ball on the
    downswing it must move itself past the left shoulder girdle without the
    left shoulder girdle moving which is an anatomical impossibility, again not
    wanting to be pedantic but you just cannot use that type of description and
    expect it to have any acceptance level of credibility of understanding from
    people like myself , or anyone for that matter that understands basic human
    anatomy .
    My own explanation would be that you could have the feeling that you were
    moving your sternum in an oblique direction to the ball line with the
    sternum maintaining its closed position inside the shoulder girdle, I would
    never say to feel the sternum was the ‘firs’t thing to move towards the
    ball because that conjures up the sternum as ‘turning’ towards the ball by
    itself independently which clearly would be a disaster as it would conjure
    up the feeling of an early opening of the sternum on the downswing which
    you obviously wouldnt want in Moe’s swing.
    If Moe had the problem of ‘perceptional’ swing process movements as apposed
    to reality I can understand other people having the same problems,
    ‘thinking’ of the sternum as being the ‘first’ thing to move to the ball is
    OK, but in reality it doesn’t and cannot happen .
    cheers JH

Craig Mcmahon - August 21, 2016

Thanks for the reply, I didn’t like his manner either and quite frankly I
couldn’t understand what he meant and how to do it anyway. Do the think
Todd Graves’ method is more sound?

    1atomicgolf - August 21, 2016

    Hi Craig,
    I think the Graves method is the best for players generally because what
    they advocate is well explained and can be done reasonably easily , there
    is not the ‘deep secrets’ of specific personal things that Moe supposedly
    did, I can tell you stuff he said he did personally but they are way to
    hard to do for the learner, or even the very good player because they are
    relative to ‘Moe’s” capabilities and physicality.
    The best way to go down the Moe mechanics road is to just apply the
    ‘essence’ of his swing mechanics and not the ‘personal specifics’…the
    Graves method is very ‘learn-able’ , I think they are the best guys by far
    to learn the overall process of Moe’s swing, at the end of the day getting
    a swing that lets you cut out a lot of the rotation through the ball is
    what Moe’s swing is really about, and that’s all I try to do myself .
    cheers JH

edoardo barzano - September 16, 2016

Great Videos, Thank You for your effort. You are one of the fews that
understands the importance of cameras, angles and that delivers the message
better than others.
Hit about 600 balls yesterday of which 45 straight, realized just now that
the right arm-rib cage must have been a big part of my mistakes. Also
changed grip yday…
good on ya JH.
knowledge should be free.

    edoardo barzano - September 20, 2016

    A small advice for your vids, remember that if you set the audio on
    automatic ( meaning you letting the camera set the levels for you, the
    levels will look perfect on their meter level scale, but what happens is
    that the automatic audio level ‘compresses’ more the audio in result of
    picking up a lot more of the background noise)
    Best thing is to set audio levels manually around -20 db.
    Audio will sound much better and cleaner.

    1atomicgolf - September 20, 2016

    +edoardo barzano I have the settings at -20db now and it is the best of the
    settings I have tried to date, the Audio is not high quality recording
    equipment although it is the latest Rode Filmmaker kit which is supposed to
    be fairly good for the money.
    I am not a production guy and I just need something that is easy to set up
    and is fairly robust in its construction , the videos are filmed in the
    ‘Rough’ in the cow paddock most times so they naturally take on the
    personality of the environment I guess in that they are ‘Rough’ as well.
    cheers JH

    edoardo barzano - September 20, 2016

    They re great videos, and the equipment you have is more than enough.
    If you have at at -20 you’ll be fine.
    I actually suggested it after watching a video that might have been from
    couple of years ago….

    1atomicgolf - September 20, 2016

    I think the video you refered to was an older one with the old audio stuff.
    cheers JH

    edoardo barzano - September 21, 2016

    yeah def. Just thought I ll let ya know though. By the way my driver shot
    is doing great thx to your tips.

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