Tricep Smash Golf swing no 1


Birdie Gof - April 18, 2017

Welcome back JH! I check your channel almost every day for new videos. Hope all is well with you and your putter adventure. Cheers!

ED Davison Jr - April 18, 2017

LOVE YOUR DAVINCI ENTHUSIASM …I’M 80 and gettin solid hits…

    1atomicgolf - April 19, 2017

    Hi Ed,                   Love ‘your’ Enthusiasm mate… still wanting to get out and beat balls and try to improve your swing at 80 is just super… I am not far behind  age wise and I have to tell you that the practice tee time for me is what keeps my enthusiasm levels for life  up … and I think  hitting that shot that you have planed and seeing it whistle off into the distance  will always be a source of great pleasure.                       cheers JH

    ED Davison Jr - April 19, 2017

    JH, for me DAVINCI is superior to PGA swing training…GOOD LUCK on the GOLD PUTTER..LESS RANGE BALLS HIT for MORE SATISFACTION…

jockco curtis - April 18, 2017

Good to see you back JH have missed your videos

    1atomicgolf - April 19, 2017

    Hi Jockco,                       The break has done me good and I have  thought of a lot of new stuff that I will be  doing in the coming videos.                               cheers JH

App Trail - April 18, 2017

What type of grip are you using? Looks like 10 finger?

    1atomicgolf - April 19, 2017

    The Grip is a normal Vardon type overlap … I have a weak lead hand position which  makes it look a bit like a split grip type.                    cheers JH

Nat McIntosh - April 19, 2017

nice to see jh.rt sidedominant load corkscrew release. braken that lt. side arm radius down will lead to lt. elbow tendinitis.Cheers buddy.

Nat McIntosh - April 19, 2017

nice to see jh.rt sidedominant load corkscrew release. braken that lt. side arm radius down will lead to lt. elbow tendinitis.Cheers buddy.

    Nat McIntosh - April 19, 2017

    ol.jh our golf swings are so similar it’s scary . I’m rt side hinge release golfer the quicker my tempo the better I hit a control the ball.cheers

    1atomicgolf - April 20, 2017

    Hi Nat,               Give us a look at your swing … do a short phone video .. when you say  ‘its scary’ I have had a lot of people say my swing is ‘scary looking’ …. Moe Norman said I didn’t have a swing .. I had an ‘Action’…. like a Garage door with a broken spring… surely your swing isn’t as bad as mine..                     cheers JH

Aussie Mike - April 19, 2017

Great cure for a slice, in particular the driver and 3 wood, if your problem is not being able to square the face. Mark Crossfield refers to it as the Lockey flick. Martin Chuck had a tip to feel left arm and hand were throwing a Frisbee at the ball. And when my wedges are not at correct launch angle this also seems to resolve.

    1atomicgolf - April 20, 2017

    Hi Mike,                  I agree with what you say about it being good for eliminating  open face impact because I believe the club player invariably  never gets the club head released early enough to get it squared up at impact … as I said in the video as long as you get the lead side moving first in the downswing you cannot release the club head to early … the Frisbee analogy is a good one with the lead arm but you need to think if you had a Frisbee in the trail hand your would be throwing the top of it into your trail shin in the first part of the downswing … that’s a bit hard to conceptualise and it goes under the heading of an ‘Intrinsic’ part of the mechanics which I will explain in the next videos.                   cheers JH

Amgad Botros - April 19, 2017

Great to see another video JH. Are you still thinking about keeping elbow attached to body?

    1atomicgolf - April 20, 2017

    Hi Amgad,                         This swing process is for any normal type swing mostly but it can be utilised with the Davinci Code swing as well  for sure which means the  elbow attachment is still applied.                  cheers JH

Jim Bevill - April 19, 2017

JH: I am having problems using the davinci swing to hit balls below my feet. A lot of topping. Any suggestions?

    1atomicgolf - April 20, 2017

    Hi Jim,                    I did reply to your original post about this problem… it is down below this post as the reply to your original query…. the normal reason any shot is topped is because the  radius of the swing is changed by standing up through the ball … if you just concentrate on keeping the knees bent a lot more coming into impact on downhill shots and your weight really heavily kept on your heels  you should eliminate the topping.                    When the weight falls down the slope which it will if you don’t keep the weight heavily biased towards the heels  the natural reaction of the brain is to stand up to maintain  balance which causes the club head to come up with the body .                            cheers JH

    jim bevill - April 20, 2017

    JH:  So the same would go for your weight for a ball on downslope??

Jim Bevill - April 20, 2017

Thanks JH.

Cale Gray - April 25, 2017

thanks jh. im a moe disciple and our swing needs this element to get adequate power.

    1atomicgolf - April 25, 2017

    Hi Cale,                 This element is  actually  very applicable to any type of swing  but I agree  with anyone trying to apply Moe Norman mechanics it certainly will help with the generation of  power .                      cheers JH

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