17 thoughts on “Understanding New Pitching Method In Detail no 1

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      +cooljakes. The rain is on and off at the moment, but there are usually
      breaks that I can get on the practice tee for a while in between.the rain

  1. cooljakes says:

    Got rid of the shanks. Pulling slightly to the left. I guess practice will
    make it perfect. Thanks again.

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      +cooljakes Make sure you keep rotating with the upper body through impact
      or you will just turn a shank into a ‘flat pull’ if you just use the hands
      to go left as conscious thought.

  2. Don Ireland says:

    i like your videos, I’m using the low hands approach and I’ll give this
    chipping method a try. thanks

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      +Don Ireland Hi Don,
      Chipping /pitching is a personal thing I have found relative to developing
      a a confident ‘feel’ aspect, high hands/low hands/ soft hands/firm
      hands….its all about what you feel ‘comfortable’ with, hope it works for
      cheers JH

  3. SearchBucket2 says:

    In my opinion many chipping shanks occur when the right hip/shoulder turn
    prematurely into the shot looping the club outside the target line. Keeping
    the weight towards the left foot and giving the hands a little more room
    can help alleviate that problem.

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      +SearchBucket2 Not quite sure what you mean with your description here, for
      example my take on your assessment is this, if I load my weight more on my
      lead foot and push my hands further away from my body without my trail arm
      being inside my lead arm my trail shoulder is going to be open to my lead
      shoulder and because my weight is loaded on my lead foot I will be
      promoting an out to in swing path… that body structural setup is designed
      to encourage a lead side delivery of the club to the ball with the lead
      shoulder releasing early and low .
      Anytime you are changing your hand path normal delivery spacing from the
      body through impact you are introducing a ‘hands ‘ direction conflict
      relative to the normal application of swing inertia positioning of the
      hands/arms through impact, I never want to think about making a conscious
      change to anything coming into the impact zone in the Golf swing, ‘More
      room’ for the hands in chipping/pitching can only be a resultant of ‘more
      room’ for the hands/arms by way of a general overall swing structure that
      has in it ‘more room’ for the hands/arms through impact.

    • SearchBucket2 says:

      Just pointing out that an in-to-out swing-path is not the only cause of a
      shanked chip.
      If the right side (knee/hip/shoulder) gets too much into the stroke it will
      push the return path outside the line. Keeping the weight towards the left
      side helps prevent this by quieting the right side.

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      +SearchBucket2 I agree that shanking can come from ‘any’ direction,
      invariably the better player shanks from in to out because they have a
      better swing path direction, I stood beside one of Australia’s best known
      World Tour players and watched him hit the most perfect ‘shanks’ with a 5
      iron for 10 minutes, absolutely ‘perfect’ in to out hosel rockets.
      I know what you are getting at but I think any loading on the lead
      foot/side invariably makes it harder to stop the trail shoulder/side from
      wanting to rotate ‘more’ around the loaded lead side axis, if I want to hit
      a quick ‘cut’ shot I setup exactly as you are saying because I want my
      trail shoulder to get out and across the delivery line severely to create
      the cut spin shot shape, I want my trail shoulder to get active early and
      Everyone as I always say can get their bodies/swings to do what they want
      it to do , I just think for the majority of players the process
      understanding I have proposed is reasonably easily applied as solution to
      most shanking problems.
      cheers JH

  4. 8acenelson says:

    Hey JH–I really enjoy your vids.
    Your new pitching method is fascinating and reminds me that many great
    things are chance discoveries. I’m looking forward to practicing it on the
    range. Before I do, I’m wondering if this be adapted to chipping and sand
    shots as well?

    • 1atomicgolf says:

      You can use the process for chipping and sand shots …but it just requires
      a bit more application… as far as sand shots go …have a look at my
      latest video that will be up tonight sometime called …’The Davinci Code
      Swing In The Bunker’… its a very easy way to play bunker shots.
      cheers JH

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