Why Putting Is So Difficult no 2


Chip Satterly - February 21, 2016

Great putting video, JH!
May I ask what putter you are using?
Is that a custom grip?


    1atomicgolf - February 22, 2016

    +Chip Satterly Hi Chip, the putter is a stock Odyssey Works no7 , its 35
    inches long, it is the one that has the counterbalance weight in the
    handle, I have the heavy weight in the handle and a heavy weight in the toe
    of the putter, other than that its a stock putter, the grip that is on it
    comes as a std grip, as std non custom type putters I think its the best on
    the market .
    cheers JH

Lea Pustetto - February 25, 2016

jh i had heaps of trouble putting. till i finally had an air swing over one
. it did me in. till o saw this guy putting face on. it has saved my game.
i am now a great putter . i just let you know as the chipping method you
showed us worked. well so does the putting method. its fantastic.

    1atomicgolf - February 25, 2016

    +Lea Pustetto Lea, its amazing how the Golf game can go from being a total
    drudgery to so much fun again with just the implementation of something
    completely different, don’t think I haven’t experienced the the ‘drudgery’
    times… but like you I went from hitting the ball or putting terribly to
    performing like a mechanical man, and it always happened with the
    implementation of something I had never thought of or tried before.
    You know I never tire of going to the practice tee because I know their are
    so many things that are waiting to be discovered that will help ‘someone’s’
    Golf swing.
    cheers JH

Lea Pustetto - February 25, 2016

yep totally right. always enjoy the driving range. would spend hours there
if it wasnt so expensive. ha

rrasmussen32 - February 28, 2016

You like left hand low. How long did it take to make the adjustment?

    1atomicgolf - February 28, 2016

    +rrasmussen32 Didnt take long at all, like one practice session, the
    familiarization period will only be as long as it takes to determine how
    close you need to personally get your hands together the correct amount for
    yourself, I now have mine very close together like Jordan Speith does .

    I just find that aiming is so easy with the better triangulation you get
    with the arms/shoulders etc, having the left arm positioned straight off
    the left shoulder just squares the whole shoulder girdle /elbows so much
    better, and as I just like the feeling of a slightly closed shoulder line
    at address the left hand/arm dominance does that for me so much easier.
    Technically from a body geometry point of view left hand down really
    positions everything so much better( being right handed that is), I just
    find the club head stays on line so much more easily through the ball as
    well, ok one session for me is specific to me I guess because I can make
    body position changes fairly easily.
    cheers JH

rrasmussen32 - March 3, 2016

The open stance also? I have been working on left hand low and it has
become second nature. For those that don’t know JR has more knowledge about
the golf swing that anyone I have ever seen. Short game instruction? The
best, absolutely the best. I have even had instruction from PGA tour
winners. Not even close to JR.

    1atomicgolf - March 3, 2016

    +rrasmussen32 I get called JR by my close friends because my initials are
    JRH, JH/JR , when I was motor car/cycle racing before I started Golf
    everyone called me JR… so its good to hear the old moniker again.
    That’s great the left hand low has become comfortable so quickly, its funny
    as well how awful the normal reverse overlap putting grip will feel after
    only a short time using left hand low, I have modified my left hand low to
    the same proportion as Jordon Speith, in that he gets his hands very close
    together, it seems to be the best formation for me.
    The ‘Open Stance’… it can work well if you let it be a balance/stability
    mechanism rather than an aim mechanism.
    cheers Jh

rrasmussen32 - March 3, 2016

Your knowledge of what works in the golf swing is astounding.

    1atomicgolf - March 3, 2016

    +rrasmussen32 Thanks for that, but really its more just my personality of
    having to know ‘how things in general ‘work’… I have to be convinced by
    empirical evidence before I accept anything, and the other thing is there
    is just so many ways to swing a Golf club, and each of us has ‘his/her’
    best way for them, all I try to do is find ‘the’ way that can work for most
    of us.

    cheers JH.

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