Allan Dodgy Duncan Golf Swing

If you backed horses in a race then Allan “Dodgy” Duncan is one golfer you would back in a golf tournament. Here have a look at his golf swing

Not a bad golf swing with a driver…..but checkout his handicap swing and watch him duff it


That’s his secret……Dodgy Duncan makes it look good and he is and expert in holding back to keep a very competitive handicap. That’s why we call him dodgy Duncan. He even lets 70 year old’s beat him in match play events so he can win a tin of back beans at the next Vet tournament.

Not only that, his mathematics skills are some of the best you would ever witness……he can even predict a month in advance of what he will score for each round……just incredible how accurate he is. He even will tell you what he will score on certain holes and 9 times out of ten he is right.


He can swing with right and left hands

But to be fair to our mate he has helped us win a few tournaments…….well not really we end up carrying his sorry arse…….his mathematics and prediction skills seem to leave him……86 becomes 96 and a 4 becomes an 8… can tell by his age, that soon he may not even be able to remember stuff at all. That’s my prediction!!!

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Allan Dodgy Duncan

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