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How to Wind Up Your Right Forearm to the Throwing Position – Dan Explains

With this swing, you are not going to be actively retaining lag. It might appear as if we have held the lag to an observer, but that is an illusion created by the pivot. Instead of holding the lag, you will actually be trying to get rid of it. You will throw the club with… Read more »

Mike Austin’s Hidden Tips

In this video, we talk about 2 ‘Hidden’ Tips that Mike Austin absolutely did in his golf swing, but never really talked about.

Mike Austin’s UNDER UP and OUT

In this video, Steve goes into detail how under up and out works in a perfect golf swing. Using these ideas and drills, you can really increase your club head speed, generate more ground forces, and hit the ball with increased distance and accuracy.

The Untold Secret of Mike Austin’s 150+ MPH Clubhead Release

In this video, Steve reveals how Mike Austin was able to make golf swings at over 150 mph with his steel shafted, persimmon driver. Employing a whip like and powerful club head release, Austin was able to drive a golf ball 515 yards in the National Senior Open in 1974.

Hit Longer Drives Effortlessly

In this video, Steve gives you tips and drills to increase your clubhead speed, and hit the golf ball for more distance than ever before without feeling so much strain.