Big Big Breakthrough Channel Lock Swing

hi JH….is it correct to say you are achieving what Moe managed – hitting the ball straight…the KEY being the shoulder turn and chin pointing bottom right…..i believe Moe looked pretty much at the same angles in the downswing as well….However, you have managed to takeaway all that extra stuff – lead arm rod, slide and buckle and coming into the ball and made it so much simpler

Channel Lock is really nothing like Moe’s swing mechanics…Channel Lock requires a rear foot positioning of the Golf ball at address and a predominance of swing around the trail vertical axis of the body… there is never any disposition to swing the club towards the target ..only towards the ball in a straight line from ‘beside’ the body…not ‘in front’ of the body.

The intention is to hit the ball from ‘beside’ the body as an arm/hand attack line…not ‘in front’ of the body with an attack path moving past the center of the body towards the target..the swing is way ‘different’ to Moe’s swing.
cheers Jh

I have been practicing this swing since the 2nd week you put it up. Evolving with you. I am a second year player, 61 yrs, finally getting into the mid to high 80’s. The last two rounds, using your swing, 84 and 85, have been my two lowest and most accurate rounds. I use Moe”s stance with club 4″ to 12″ behind like Moe, getting part of my shoulder turn done.

Single plane. I stand farther back. Today I experimented with this exact variation, moving left shoulder much more into the swing, using Moe’s stance. Absolute best control practice I have ever had using your technique today. Amazing how consistent. It just hits the balls far more in center of club with more power but feels easier and they go a club or club and half farther.

I have been using the DeVinci combined with this-are some similarities between the two- for chipping. Having used the DeVinci, I actually feel, for me, it was a pre-cursor to the channel. Great piece of inventive creation, at least for my swing. Very simple. Beautiful concept

I really believe this swing concept/process will be applicable to everyone with great effectiveness if they apply the protocol in its sequenced application …it’s purely a specific body geometry that if applied locks the club head into a specific tracking path to the ball every time…it is a simple process as far as the applied geometry goes just takes a bit of body feeling adjustment to get on top of it.