Bradley Hughes Golf The Inside Approach

The golf swing is an oval. The golf ball is a circle. The shot travels on an arc… So where are all the straight lines? Nowhere. Here is why trying to swing on plane is incorrect and how the very best ball strikers in golf approached the impact from the inside to get the perfect strike on the ball and keep the roundness in their swing to correspond with the oval-circle-arc logic they knew allowed them to hit with power and woth control.

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Hello Mr Hughes, i think you are spot on and thank you for your videos. With regards to the arms moving out and the shaft shallowing, is this a conscious effort to feel the right elbow leads the downswing by coming out (like a throwing motion) or is it the result of a synchronised pivot?

I’m a 3 handicap golfer but my right elbow moves down initially which makes the shaft a little steeper (i can’t execute the re-rotation of the forearms) and prevents me from being able to truly hit shots to my minds eye. If i could get the technical and visual feel for the correct move i’d make some big improvements.

You HAVE to learn how to hit from there first before you will wind up getting there on the transition & downswing….gotta alter the muscles we use in specific areas before we can alter the swing- otherwise the body cant handle it and the brain wont allow it no matter how much you try do it correctly.