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The Best Swing Thought by G Scribling

A better illustration of how the shoulder plane bisects the shaft. This simple thought changes everything! This simple thought forces several other good things to happen. It’s simple, powerful, easily repeatable and easy on the back. It removes the compulsion to early extend or snap release. I think this simple idea is the key to every… Read more »

The Only Plane in Golf That Matters

I’ve drawn lines between the end of the shaft, the handle of the shaft and the right elbow. These points create a plane. This is the plane on which the club is swung. Notice Mi-hyang doesn’t lose this plane until after impact. Most people lose this plane way too early in the downswing. Think of this… Read more »

Your Shoulder Goes Down NOT Forward

Cause: Your right shoulder is moving forward instead of down. Solution: The right shoulder has to stay back and low – not high and forward. There is a reverse loop, from what most people do, at the top. It’s a very natural motion that we all make with a baseball bat. The reason we do it… Read more »

Linear Motion Thoughts in Golf

If we think of golf as linear motions or straight lines, we can perform the golf swing much easier and better. When we try to make circular motions or arcs, we just don’t do it well.  Our brains don’t think “arc” they think “linear.” Point A to point B, that’s it. When you hit a… Read more »

Right Forearm Rotation in Downswing

The secret to effortless power and a great move through the ball is positioning the clubhead properly in relation to the right forearm. Essentially we’re throwing the club sidearm through the ball. If the clubhead is above the elbow this simply doesn’t work. When the clubhead is below the elbow the forearm twists and builds torque… Read more »