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The Jim Venetos Golf Swing System

The Jim Venetos Golf Swing Jim talks you through the setup and the swing that will produce a draw… over and over. Read More… Jim Venetos Golf Swing in Slow Motion See more analysis of the Venetos swing at: Also see our slow motion video of Brian Sparks golf swing, another body friendly swing… Read more »

Fix Over The Top Golf Swing – Jim Venetos

Hi Jim,I love all your swing thoughts and tips as I have been over the top for years!However my problem is with your thoughts on alignment(previous video). If as you advocate you have a closed stance with shoulders and feet to a certain extent how are you then aiming down target line . Or is target… Read more »

Create Effortless Power in the Golf Swing

Stop shifting your weight. Your weight shift is why you lose power and consistency. Learn how to keep your weight still at the I can testify that “staying still” works. I am 67 and have now been playing this way for just over a year and I’m playing the best golf of my life. Initially… Read more »