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Geoff Mangum 10 Foot Putts

Click this link to read Ten-and-In foot putts Ten-and-In Putts Reading and Sinking Geoff Mangum The PuttingZone Four Skills of Putting — The Ten-and-In ZoneApril 27. 2015Putts outside 10 feet usually have less than a 50% probability of being one-putts. On the PGA Tour, the average pro sinks 40% from ten feet in Tournament play…. Read more »

PuttingZone’s New Innovations

Geoff Mangum On reading putts with the four skills:In the PuttingZone we teach math and physics for ballparking the read (more simple and accurate than APE) and then teach three instinctive visualizations with the golfer’s optimal, usual ball speed. These three movies accept the putting situation as it is without estimated numbers, and so yield… Read more »