Create Effortless Power in the Golf Swing

Stop shifting your weight. Your weight shift is why you lose power and consistency. Learn how to keep your weight still at the

I can testify that "staying still" works. I am 67 and have now been playing this way for just over a year and I'm playing the best golf of my life. Initially I was sceptical but my golf game had deteriorated to the point that I was going to give the game up as it had become so frustrating.

Then I found Jim's videos on You Tube and decided to give it a try as my last hope. I'm now enjoying my golf again and play far more consistently. I know what Jim says seems counter intuitive but once you get the message of staying still this swing produces abundant power.

Just watch Jim's swing in some of his earlier videos, it seems so effortless, which it is.

Keep your structure and stay still is the mantra of this effortless golf swing