Davinci Code Full Swing Thoughts

Do you feel “bound up” at impact? I’ve been working on this with great results, but half the time I get a bound feeling and lose some power and feel. Is there a cure for this?

I do feel/did with the learning drills because I was trying to exaggerate the trail side connection at impact so I held the connection ‘through’ impact which gives the bound up look and feel… but once you get to full swinging you let everything go to a point through impact .

The reality is that you will not get enough power in the shot if you deliberately try to choke the swing off through the area after impact.

I did a video today with the Pro I had on a few weeks ago and you can clearly see in his swing now how he lets everything go after impact… the original video clearly showed him holding everything in place after impact but that was just to over exaggerate the connection of the trail side arm to the body at impact.

I know where you are coming from and I will address it in the very next video because its very important to get the confidence of being able to get good distance with the swing…which you clearly can if you release everything correctly after impact.
cheers Jh