Davinci Code Swing Absolutes

I used to play with a guy that gripped the club like that… he absolutely killed the ball and was super straight…. the thumb on the lead hand invariably is used to support the club at the top of the swing and used in a long or short thumb configuration can control the length of the club head travel, the thumb on the trail hand plays little part in the grip for people like Nicklaus/ Daly/Singh/couples …. Jack and Daly have the trail thumb just floating in the air at the top of their swings.

So I think if you get better results with a ‘no thumbs’ grip go with it… if you have a shortish back swing it will allow the club to move through a bigger range of movement because the lead thumb will not be restricting the wrist cocking as much on the back swing.
cheers Jh

David Duval had more secondary tilt at impact and beyond than anyone who has ever played the game… to me he absolutely tried to keep his lead shoulder closed at impact and moving away from the target …he almost looks as if he was pulling the tip of his lead shoulder back towards his head …. and the resultant extreme lean back he had post impact could not have happened if he was directing his through impact forces in a conventional lead shoulder clearing process post impact . Lee Comeaux sent me this video of David Duval…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot2qngWm2_U&feature=youtu.be..

He saw something in Duval’s swing of a different nature which is why he sent me the video … but it was opportune to look at Duval’s general action and it is quite clear that he tries hard to not let the lead shoulder tip rotate away from the target line.

Think of it this way.. the more the lead shoulder moves away before impact the more the trail shoulder moves forward and brings the fulcrum/pivot point of the trail arm forward with it which means the trail arm has lost its anchor point to hit ‘away’ from.

I believe Moe Norman did just this as a feeling in his swing…he could do it easier because he was sliding laterally with his shoulder girdle and entire body… I guess the overall feeling for me is that of the shoulders just pivoting vertically on a pin through my sternum … its hard to explain at this stage but I will work something out as an explanation visually in the next videos .
cheers Jh