Davinci Code Swing Additions And Options

I f your bad shot is a straight push way right two things are happening… your attack path to the ball is a bit to much in to out and you just haven’t got the toe of the club closing( releasing) through impact nearly enough… if your good shots start right then draw spin back you clearly have released the club head through impact… how ‘much’ the ball starts right is a result of how ‘much’ your attack path is in to out coming into the ball … you may have to modify the amount your shoulders are closed coming into impact if the ball starts a long way right before it comes back.

You could have the ball to far back in your stance at impact and the club is travelling to much on the in to out arc before it gets a chance to get more of a reasonable attack line to the ball at impact. Remember the club head not only needs to be released very early the release action of the hand needs to be a covering /closing motion with the fingers and palm ..but on an oblique up and over type direction.

The feeling in the trail hand should be as if you had a small discuss in your fingers and you wanted to throw the discuss slightly off vertical to the left and up towards an imaginary target at 45 degs to the target line … that could be hard to mentally conceptualise so I will cover it in the next explanation video… hope something here gets a result for you..

True Paradigm shifts are quite rare in any sport with regards to physical/biomechanical changes … I think Davinci Code mechanics could be the ‘Paradigm’ shift in the Golf Swing. cheers Jh