Davinci Code Swing by JH

Some thoughts from JH

I dont have a ball ‘position’ as such…. I just move my feet around to my balance points and when I am comfortable that is my ball position….for me its just an instinctive ‘balance/feel ‘ thing…I really couldn’t tell you where I play the ball from normally… other than to say its normally vertically under my hands with most shots …’as a feeling’…if I need a lower shot I just instinctively play the ball back a bit and progress my hands forward at address.
I am not a ‘ball position’ teacher…. I just tell students to hit shots until they get the ball flight they want and that is ‘the’ ball position for ‘them’…..
cheers JH


Its a fine line balancing the outward pressuring of the upper trail shoulder quadrant body mass and keeping it from tipping to much forward into the ball… you have to keep the lower half mass pushing rearwards coming into impact to counterbalance the upper body, keeping the trail heel on the ground can certainly help. I hope to be in Orlando next January for the Golf show…. haven’t been for a few years so its time again. cheers JH


You will only come over the ball firing the upper trail shoulder quadrant if yo let your lower half mass move to the ball as you fire the shoulder quadrant… you have to balance the upper body mass moving out to the ball line with the lower mass like the posterior and upper legs etc . But its ok to fire the lower pivot components if that gives you a good result. In yesterdays videos I mentioned the reason you could come over the ball firing the shoulder quadrant… you might have a look at video no1 from yesterday. cheers JH