Davinci Code Swing Final Thoughts For Now

If your problems are only ‘slight’ ones  they will  dissipate    within a reasonable time frame,   I think the major plus with the mechanics is the  consistent path of attack to the ball which lets you get away with less than perfect timing  and still hit the ball online… being able to rely on a definite shot starting  direction is a big plus … as you say ‘guessing’ where you ball will end up is no fun……cheers Jh

I think I said one of the big pluses of Davinci Code mechanics would be for most players the short shot stuff from 100 yrds in …. if they got nothing from the mechanics for their long game the mechanics would still be a big winner with the short game .

The long game of Davinci Code is really just a matter of getting the head around not needing to change anything as the clubs get longer … the containment feeling will subside with practice and once you realise that the ‘more’ you keep everything contained the easier the long game becomes.

I will be doing updates regularly as I personally progress my own swing. cheers JH

I personally am not moving on from Davinci Code mechanics but I have to use the channel for its original intention which is to provide lots of alternative ways for swinging a Golf Club and incorporating changes to general and traditional swing mechanics… not everyone will be able to hook up to Davinci Code mechanics for a lot of reasons so those people will look to me to provide other methodologies and processes that they can try .

I will on occasions be updating my progress with Davinci Code so its not a ‘shutoff’ of the methodology. cheers JH

The benefit of Davinci code is the setting up of the closed shoulder girdle at address and maintaining the connection of the trail arm to the hip position coming into the ball which keeps the trail shoulder closed at impact… you have to attack the ball from inside…

Most people do not know that Moe Norman was a pin setter in his younger days and spent hundreds of hours watching bowlers fire balls down the alley at the pins and I have no doubt he mentally impregnated the process of the trail arm firing the ball from the inside from a closed shoulder line which he did in his golf swing .

My grip pressure is more concentrated in the fingers of the trail hand now specifically… I really do use the trail hand to set the club going back and fire the club coming down so overall its way more utilised than before so it has naturally become more dominant in its role and as a resultant just has more grip pressure . cheers Jh