Davinci Code Swing Important Explanation

What may help some is a martial art principle and also explains Lee’s swinging concept around your pinky toes. Without a club take your hand palm down and push it towards your left ankle while in your stance. Your weight transfers automatically.

You also turn properly. Lee releases around his pinky toes which automatically with a boxing pivot gets the weight in the proper areas automatically. Small hand arc. Wide clubhead arc. When a martial artist strikes all they then do is extend the arms. Also without thoughts. Immense power.

As DaVinci evolves Lee will steer you to this arm extension as well I believe. I hope this makes sense. If you try the palm down exercise I think it will clarify my thought

I understand your what you are referring to here relative to a Martial arts body component delivery process when delivered with strike intent.. I have trained in the martial arts for over 45 years …. ..my daughter was a 3rd Dan red logo in Zen Do Kai… she was the highest ranked female in the country at one stage .

I also have been involved in the dynamics study of the delivery processes of limb strike/delivery efficiency’/inefficiencies in martial arts.

In a martial arts for example a vertical spiraling down palm strike the energy source actually initiates/emanates from the extremity of the toes up through the body to the extremity of the finger tips…like the escape route of a lightning strike of its energy force after the strike.

In a martial arts hand/arm strike application it may look like the hand/arm is is primarily conducting the great majority of the strike effect and the body is playing a fairly insignificant role… that is a visual perception only… the force emanated from the opposite extremity of the delivery force impact point… which Lee actually applies in his swing.
There are a lot of very complex dynamics in play in Lee’s swing mechanics …I certainly do not understand them as Lee does at this point in time.