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  1. <path_to_url> michael broderick

    JH you’re looking so much better now! Have you taken this to the course yet?

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      I cant get out for a full round because of time restraints at the moment.. I have played groups of 3/4 holes at a time with multiple balls and the results have been really good, some of the shots have been incredible.
      I am deliberately not playing a full round yet because the process is still not completed as a set ‘feel’ program as yet.
      cheers Jh

  2. <path_to_url> P SMITH

    Hi JH – One thing I did notice when I trial Davinci is that you can pull the ball if you turn your left side out of the way too early or too much. What happens is that your right side also turns and allows your elbow to travel in front of your shirt seam rather than staying put. I think its almost an imperitive to have a passive reactive left hip pull back in response to the shove. The other problem with the shove thought with your right side is that it tends to also make you shove your right wrist in a hinged position rather than letting it loose/unhinge through impact. Maybe we need to do the ‘window washer’ throw action ‘down and out’ to that 4th ball simultaneously with the shove.

    ps. Just read an old science article written by Tutelman that looked at the physics of this type of swing (it’s called ‘Ben Hogan, Lee Comeaux, and the Right Hand Hit’). Unless I’m mistaken, I think Davinci is a similar hybrid ‘Slap’ swing.


    Basically , its very unlikely you will get any extra distance with just a ‘Slap’ swing but it could ingrain other good habits that may improve the golf swing. Some of your other ‘add on atomic particle’ bits might also be improving the ‘Slap’ mechanics and this would need more in depth scientific investigation.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      You wont pull the ball if you keep the trail shoulder closed and the connection in place…. I actually think of the lead leg as driving backwards as I showed in the videos as the absolute ‘first’ thing in the down swing sequence…there is no ‘to early’ for me. with the lead leg/hip activation.
      I read that expose by Tuttleman about Lee Comeaux’s swing mechanics and I didn’t agree with it … Tuttleman bases all his assessments on theoretical engineering principals/dynamics… clearly because he is an engineer… he loses sight of the fact that a Golf Swing is not a ‘closed’ system … it is an ‘open’ system… no one part of a golf swing in motion exhibits fixed fulcrums or pivot points.
      There are no hard engineering principals in a Golf swing…none… Tuttleman can proffer his opinions like anyone else… Lee also didn’t agree with Tuttlemans assessment of his swing dynamics and where the power/speed actually came from… I have seen empirical evidence of club head speed increase on a swing monitor with a hinge flip release as apposed to conventional held wrist hinge angle method in my own swing.
      At the worst I will not ‘lose’ speed with a ‘flip’throw’ release process and as you say I think it will provide more beneficial knock on effects than a conventional type retained lag type release process.
      cheers Jh

  3. <path_to_url> michael broderick

    Great stuff. Zero degrees here but I’m going to head to the indoor dome. 3 months of practice ahead. You are stoking the golf fire.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Michael,
      You poor guys that have weather conditions that preclude you from being able to play golf for long periods of time, I was just saying yesterday to a Pro that works out of a Club in Canada that I was amazed at the temperature at the course on Thursday… -18 degs …. and it will be that way for months….he was heading to a Domed indoor range as well.
      I told him we are so spoilt where I live… you can play 365 days of the year…a cold day for us is maybe 12 degs Celsius..around 50 degs Fahrenheit…and you will only get maybe 2 of those a year, sometimes none in a whole year… I once played Golf 286 days in a row for a bet.
      The bet was for $10,000 that I couldn’t actually play golf 365 days in a row… the rule was I had to go to a golf course and play at least 2 holes every day… I did that for 286 straight days… some of the holes were played in the rain and coldish weather but never weather so bad I couldn’t actually get the 2 holes played, some of the holes were played at night when I had things on on those days with my car headlights illuminating the teeing area and a flashlight to find the balls.
      I had to stop at 286 days because of a family crisis that required me to travel somewhere….. the guy who bet me the $10,000 was very relieved the crisis came up because he told me I absolutely would have played the 365 days in a row for sure.
      cheers JH PS Its a beautiful day here right now… 27 degs Celsius and a lovely cool breeze … not quite what you are experiencing I wouldnt think.

    • <path_to_url> Smiley AllDay

      Feel ya here. Just finished blowing 11″ of snow here in Wisconsin. Backing the vehicles out, heat up the garage, and hit balls into the net. A smile to my face!

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      WOW, you guys are amazing… we are so spoilt down here weather wise.
      cheers JH

  4. <path_to_url> P SMITH

    Hi JH ,Actually, Tutelman worked with Lee to do some more analysis of his  C motion and actually trialled it (see the url below). It also explains why you can hit longer distances too . I suspect the same principles will apply in Davinci if you allow the bend that left arm in the backswing.https://www.tutelman.com/golf/swing/leecommotion1.php

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Keith,
      I would love to get my left arm bending on the back swing, it would be 20 yards extra with the driver for me, I am sure VJ Singh thinks along these lines with his release process… as I think did Mike Austin and Count Yogi.
      cheers JH

    • <path_to_url> P SMITH

      I can’t do the right elbow by the side but I’m having powerful solid contact using a very bent left arm in the backswing (hands almost touching my right ear). I feel I can use both arms to extend backwards and down the swing plane (ie. towards that 4th ball) while slightly closed. Clubhead speed is greatly increased up to start of release, my swing centre is more stable (ie. moment of inertia of arm/club unit closer to my body and not pulling me back and forth ). I don’t need to use my body to get extra speed so the bigger muscles can concentrate on supporting and stabilising my swinging arms ( I don’t think the bigger muscles of the body can power and support at the same time).
      Happy Xmas JH.


    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      hi Keith,
      I think the ‘more’ you can actually bend ‘both’ arms on the back swing the more power and balance you will have in the swing… the bending of the arms keeps the club head closer to the center/axis of rotation because the arms are not extending the club head away in the back swing.
      I would love to be able to get my arms totally bent on the back swing and get the trail elbow still connected as per Davinci Code mechanics, the big muscles simply cannot move as quick as the smaller muscles/body components…. they are always stabilizers for the speed producers.
      cheers JH. Happy Xmas to you and yours as well.

  5. <path_to_url> SwingLowLeft

    Gunslinger puts the club on the right side of the body. Predisposes the club to move away from chest at a 45 (to the body) with a feel of a bicep curl. Also forces your body into an impact brace position at set up. Very into your left side. Like Pampling. Amount of forward ball position determines how much of your brace turns to accommodate the strike. I’ve noticed your ball position has moved forward. Keeping the right arm adhered to the body forces the brace to turn just enough for a strong strike.

    It’s a shortcut. The first third of the backswing is traditionally used to get the club to the right of centerline and the first half of the downswing is to get your brace built and ready to accept rotation. This presets both. Pick it up. Drop it down. Push it to turn your brace. Easy compression and power.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Keep the analysis coming… good stuff there.
      cheers Jh

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      If that is you swinging on your channel you have a great action.
      cheers Jh

    • <path_to_url> SwingLowLeft


      Thanks. Always seeking though. I think you’ll find this ends up looking a lot like Edwin’s stuff, but you power it differently. And the right arm adhesion/punch elbow will encourage more turn into the ball than the RSS’s throwing the arms past the body.

      I like the way this looks and feels. Looks right. Flies right. Well, this has a lot of right looking in it. I wonder if you would consider building some internal tensions in the lower body like knees pressing out with ankles and thighs pressing in to lock that structure into place? Net result being no change in look, but with the foundation built strong. Impact is built. Keep it intact and just let it turn in response to the curl push. Just a thought.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Its opportune you ask about more structural integrity at address in the swing… I have only in the last 2 days evolved a process that in fact applies a ‘lot’ address structural integrity in the swing and as ‘feeling’ actually increases the the integrity loading’s during the course of the back swing ..the resultant being a huge automatic forward swing response of body components through impact, I call it the ‘Elastic Surge’ principle.
      I will go over the process in the next video updates.
      cheers JH

  6. <path_to_url> Torbjørn T

    hi JH,
    Used the swing on amlocal club- turnament tjis Sunday. Got 1 over pair.
    Played in very strong wind, but still good distance..
    Only problem is that with this swing i am not able to get high softlanding chips! all chips gets to low and ‘flat’ running too fare..
    any suggestions ?
    for that ?

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Chip shots will be lower generally because the trail hand is further back than normal and a bit more clamp will be applied to the ball… its just a matter of practicing the throw release more when you need a higher softer shot … you need to feel a definite ‘throwaway’ action of the club head through the ball for those shots… lots of writs hinge release… it requires a lot of confidence to do that but that’s the method.
      The closer you can get to the ball at address with a shot that requires a higher flight the more you will verticalize the shot mechanics which will give a higher softer flight …you just need to practice the mechanics to get the flight for those shots.
      cheers Jh

  7. <path_to_url> Torbjørn T

    thnx JH, i will test and try..

  8. <path_to_url> Torbjørn T

    …for the record : i got 1 over pair in net stroke, my hpc is about 17 …

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      That’s still a good result when trying something as new and different as this swing is.
      cheers JH

  9. <path_to_url> Torbjørn T

    thanks JH.

  10. <path_to_url> Vince Courtney

    Tried to modify Da Vinci swing a bit, shot bogie golf the first four holes. Said screw the changes, went back to straight up Da Vinci and shot one under for five holes. Never done that before. The swing kicks butt. Can’t wait for the next practice tee.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Vince,
      The ‘Original’ is invariably the ‘best’ with everything…. having said that I will be adding some ‘variations to the ‘Original’ Davinci Code swing simply because of evolutionary learning by myself… one under for the next 5 holes was quite a comeback.
      cheers JH

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Ed,                 The channel is  a community based input mechanism for us all to contribute… I am open to ‘all’ input relative to ideas or variations that could have some merit in building the swing to its final evolutionary stage… if that ever happens that is… I guess the evolution should  be ongoing  because no one has all the answers relative to something that can have the tag of the ‘Final Finished Product’… whatever you think of  or come up with feel free to  put it up for evaluation/discussion.                                                      cheers JH

  11. <path_to_url> ED Davison Jr


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