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  1. <path_to_url> P SMITH

    Hi JH – It seems that you are restricting the swing plane to that of the clubshaft at address. So in effect you have removed all the other variable and complexities of the different ‘swing plane’ shifts that happen in the backswing and during the ‘end of the early downswing (ie. left arm horizontal to ground). I’ve also read that you are probably correct about the ‘softball pitch’ release action in the wrists/hands. That it’s probably more optimal to transfer energy in a whiplike action through the hands during impact rather than trying to retain those hinge angles (drag loading style). Homer Kelley didn’t mention any of this in his TGM book , maybe because it was deemed ‘sacrilegious’ at the time to even consider a flipping release action through impact. In fact, there is a more optimal transfer of momentum to ball as the ‘flipping’ begins on impact through to the separation of contact between ball and clubface

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Your observation about the swing plane variance being eliminated is correct…Homer Kelley was not the only person to not mention the the potential of the wrist hinge power producing potential… its amazing that people have not realized that the only ‘high speed’ hinge in the body is the wrist hinge and how much speed and power can be generated with it you know ‘how’ to use it… which I will be elaborating on in the next videos.
      The major proportion speed variation producing potential is in the wrist hinge and fingers ….shot shape and trajectory is also in the wrist/hand/finger utilization …a whole new world will open when you know how to use the wrist/hand/fingers through impact .
      cheers Jh

  2. <path_to_url> freddy

    The only other person I’ve seen advocate flipping at the ball is Monte Scheinblum. There’s a couple of his videos where he videos a student’s swing who’s doing this “flip” and the strike ended up with excellent shaft lean. Monte said that when “flipping” at the ball your brain will automatically speed up the arms to produce shaft lean at impact. The main difference here is that you are going after the feeling of keeping the arms back instead of accelerating through to the finish.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Freddy,
      I think Monty is the best teacher in Golf, he just simplifies the true realities of the Golf swing, and IMO he has the best swing of any Golf instructor by far.
      His explanation of the intention of a Flip release and what will happen subconsciously is spot on, the reason I dont want the arms accelerating through imp[act is because they are so much slower than the trail hand when it is accelerated by the trail wrist hinge release.
      There is only one Hi Speed hinge in the body …the wrist hinge… and we are told never to use it in the Golf swing… well I am going on a crusade to change all that.
      cheers Jh