Davinci Code With A Softball Pitch Action

The Golf Journey

I spent a fantastic day with JH looking at how a softball pitching action would work with his Davinci code golf swing. Having played softball in Perth for over 10 years, I was blessed to play with some of the best softballers in Australia.

Two good mates were awesome softball pitchers who represented WA and Australia. These guys could throw what are commonly known as rise balls, drop balls and curve balls. They could just about do anything with a softball. Wrist and finger action was the dominant factor.

When I was looking at JH Davinci code golf swing videos and his work with the Lee Comeaux golf swing I saw what looked like a pitching action in the down swing of Lee Comeaux’s swing. Lee looked like he was throwing a curve ball release action with a slight drop action.

JH and I used more of a rise ball release action when releasing the club head. JH prefers more of a curve ball release. The key here is you can visualize and feel what it would be to release your club head properly which ever shot you wanted to play.


I am not doing anything in the back swing to actually wind the club head up ...its just the bicep curl and my normal square tyo square hand action....the down swing for me is very deliberate as a hand/wrist spinning action... I guess to understand what I am doing think of having a Japanese hand fan in your right hand totally closed... as you start down you are opening the fan with your fingers ...the motion being like that of turning a door knob that was horizontal to your hand...the same hand/finger action to turn the horizontal door knob is what I am feeling in my trail hand/fingers.

John Hensby
atomic golf

This softball pitching action to release your golf club is similar to what learnt from Dan Shauger “spin the meatballs”.

Combine this action with JH’s Davinci code golf swing is an absolute winner. You can use the release for every shot in your bag.


Softball Pitching to Release Your Golf Club


Watch the hand release of the ball in this lady demonstrating the softball pitch

Lee Comeaux Softball Pitch release action. Now this may not be what lee does, but it certainly looks the same as a softball pitching action