Davinci Golf Swing Softball Pitch Method

You will have no trouble getting the shaft to whip into impact when you get used to keeping the trail elbow attached and stabilized above the trail hip area as you throw your trail hand fingers with the wrist hinge throw away action , whipping the forearm past the stationary upper arm/elbow is the secret, I will be doing more videos showing the finer details of how this is supposed to happen .cheers JH

Golf Instruction

The fanning of the trail hand is a square vertical action... the forearm rotates the hand with the same plane action that you would be on if you were turning a door knob 'open' ..but with your fingers on top of the door knob and not under it or to the side of the knob... I will do more on that on the next videos.cheers JH

1 Atomic Golf                 

The 'Handle' not the club head is absolutely paramount in my thinking application...the more I can put the brakes on the the handle just before impact the quicker the club head goes. cheers JH

As normal ball position for me is purely a resultant of getting my balance and alignment correct whilst setting up for the shot... when my alignment and balance are feeling correct my ball position is where it 'needs' to be...because my hands /arms are in the same position for every shot my ball position just ends up being a non event in terms of a thinking requirement.

John Hensby