Does Your Driver Grip Matter? Shocking Results Using Different Grips

A larger grip actually fixed my driver slice. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why my driver face would not close or square up at impact. I was using the drivers std size grip with tapered profile. Once I switched to Golf Pride mcc +4 With an additional tape wrap it corrected the slice. 2 theories for me: 1) either I was gripping way too hard because my grip was too small so i couldn’t release or 2) on my downswing my driver would twist and slip in my hands.

I have been using the JumboMax since they came out. My consistent straightness is phenomenal with these XL grips. I will never use a small grip again. I take it one step further with my driver and fairway woods; I use the reverse taper Enlow grips. They are great too

I just started to experiment with oversized grips. I have medium large hands so I order two ultra max light grip, put one on my older m2 driver and the other on my 5 wood, always experiment on clubs you not using so you not missing up your good set. Most of my hits were fairly straight and only few went the right, and I hit the 5 wood alot better than than using a standard grip.