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  1. <path_to_url> tony. rob

    Hi JHWhy you don’t get more views bewilders me. I think your content is
    some of the best on you tube. I tried your short swing last year with
    great success. Have not been out yet this year, too cold for me body gets
    stiff. I am going to try this now. Will report back.best regardsTony

    • <path_to_url> tony. rob

      +tony. rob Well JH just got back from the range. Very cold wind into and
      from the right, quite strong wind speed. Hit the ball superb over all but
      could only get 130yds ish maybe a bit more into that cold wind. Best I
      could do today but the strike and release was great. looking forward to
      trying again when its a bit warmer. keep em coming and thanks again.

    • <path_to_url> tony. rob

      +tony. rob that 130yds was with a seven iron

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +tony. rob Hi Tony,
      The distance will come when you get used to letting the shoulders turn
      ‘more’ on the back swing…at the present you probably are so transfixed
      with the new move ‘feel’ that the shoulder turn and range of movement is
      restricted to much, you still have to turn your shoulders with ‘any’ back
      swing movement…its what creates the power storage .
      regards JH

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +tony. rob Tony I only use my channel as a storage locker for my videos, I
      have never promoted my videos to the public , the core bunch of guys that I
      teach get their videos directly from me and do not use this channel for
      their viewing of their videos, frankly I dont have time to respond to a lot
      of people which might be the case if I had a ‘public’ profile .
      I make the videos available to people if they stumble upon them
      accidentally , no more than that, and frankly I am not looking to push my
      views on the golf swing on anyone, for me its just a journey of fun and
      discovery, its great that guys like you occasionally find my site and enjoy
      my vids.
      regards JH

  2. <path_to_url> Daniel “Daniel-san” Mammone

    Hey JH, Love your work buddy. Quick question do you know anything about the
    count yogi swing? and If so can you do a video on it . Cheers mate :)

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +daniel mammone Hi Daniel,
      Do I know anything about the ‘Count Yogi’ swing…. I think I do… and I
      am absolutely besotted by it.
      I have studied the Yogi swing with incredible interest because I have
      actually spoken with people that saw the great man play and give his
      thousands of exhibitions and they ‘all’ have said he was a ‘magical’
      swinger of the golf club, I would love to do a video on the ‘Count’ because
      I believe he actually was the ‘only’ person that has ever had a 365 day
      Golf Swing, Moe Norman did as well but not with the unbelievable
      repeat-ability that the ‘Count’ had, which is really saying something,
      might do a video today at the end of some lessons that I have.
      I have been liaising with the Count’s Godson, Timothy Nichols, he has a
      website called YOGI GOlf , if you go to that site you will see at the
      bottom of the page a section called the ‘The Hensby Scientific Letters’,
      they are not that scientific as such but they do elaborate on what I feel
      and see in the Count’s swing process.
      regards JH.

  3. <path_to_url> Chip Satterly

    Hi JH,

    Yes, I too found your site quite by accident (while looking for info on Moe
    Norman) and have REALLY been enjoying your content.

    WRT to your concept on torque and the takeaway, it reminds of a video clip
    I saw on Moe.
    He describes years of practice trying to keep the back of his driver head
    (and thus, his hands) very low on his takeaway as he tries to push a coin
    back away from the ball.

    Kirk Junge has some videos , which he has edited/enhanced, showing Moe
    hitting the driver 50 times in a row both from the DTL view and face on
    Of course, they are the SAME shot just replicated 50X, but by watching the
    repeated swings you really get a FEEL for the great swing , rhythm and also
    some of the nuances that you describe in YOUR Moe analysis.

    For example, you talked about Moe’s “butting” the ball and I just couldn’t
    see it until watching those 50 swings over and over again.
    NOW, it’s so clear!!



    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +Chip Satterly I have been called the ‘Accidental Coach’ lots of times by
      people who have found me by accident….Moe told me he tried to skin his
      knuckles on the ground as he swung through the ball, as a ‘feeling’.. so
      much did he want to keep pressuring down through the hitting area.
      You don’t see visually the process of ‘handle in club head out’ as an
      obvious look with Moe because he is backing away rearwards from the ball
      through impact which gives him more space in the area of his pelvis to
      hands location, but like all great ball strikers he did ‘handle in club
      head out’ as a process.
      The ‘butting’ is such a tough thing to do as a learning process because if
      you actually ‘think’ about doing that the normal application of moving the
      butt of the club at the ball tends to accentuate the handle of the club
      going towards the ball instead of towards the pelvis, Moe could do the
      butting and still ‘handle in club head out’ through the ball, which frankly
      showed how amazing the guy was in terms of his club /body/
      control/application etc.
      When I first tried the Butting process I hit a lot of flat shanks because I
      kept the butting going to long before I moved the handle in and the club
      head out, its an incredibly complex move and frankly I think thats why we
      only ever saw Moe strike the ball the way he did.
      regards JH PS . I dont promote my channel at all , its only a storage bin
      for my videos, if anyone finds it by accident I am happy for them to watch
      the videos , which is why I list them as public and not private,.

  4. <path_to_url> Mike Bailey

    Never present the hozzle to the ball…i need to tell the wife, no one is
    safe at the range when she is practicing, its like being inside a pin ball

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +Saul Montanza The absolute easiest way to eliminate any form of ‘shanks’
      is to simply get the player to rotate the ‘toe’ of the cllubface ‘ over the
      ball… you cant shank if the hosel is moving away from the ball which it
      has to if you rotate the toe of the club thru impact…so simple, its
      amazing how it works.

  5. <path_to_url> martinavizcomm

    Glad i found you now!! =)

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +martinavizcomm Hope you get something that works for you, its what we all
      should be doing.. looking at ‘every’ type of swing information , there is
      an ‘answer’ for everyone relative to ‘their’ specific swing type and
      cheers JH

  6. <path_to_url> D Slatt

    short back swing. Just dump the bucket on the grass already ! LOL

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +D Slatt It is short now but I will lengthen it I hope maybe 30%… I have
      the flexibility to do that I just need to build up a program that my brain
      accepts relative to ‘letting’ me swing longer.
      I cant believe I kept walking that far to get balls to hit.. and how long
      it took me to bring the bucket over to where I was hitting, but you must
      remember I am 75 and that age brain doesn’t compute obvious remedies that
      quickly anymore, I think the real reason was I had a person walking around
      with the camera which I normally don’t have so it just put my normal
      stationary processes out of whack.. I think.. at least that’s my excuse.
      Cheers JH

  7. <path_to_url> james douris

    Awesome videos. I used to watch moe give clinics when i was in daytona bch
    at college. My college teammates played nine holes with him in 2002. Low
    hands video is great. Look how low hogan, snead, trevinos hands were. Where
    are you located JH?

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +james douris Hi James, glad you like the videos, I am located in Australia
      on the North East Coast, that must have been a buzz for your buddies to
      actually play Golf with Moe, I feel so privileged to have seen him hit
      balls and spend time with him discussing his swing mechanics, we will never
      see anyone like him again, which , which is a shame.
      cheers JH

  8. <path_to_url> Craig Robb

    Hey J.H, really enjoy your videos! You have helped my own game, I’ve
    dropped about 10 strokes a round watching most of the lessons you currently
    have posted. Thanks so much for sharing, please never stop ! Cheers!

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +Craig Robb Hi Craig,
      Man that’s a big drop buddy, just glad ‘something’ worked for you, as I
      have said before the reason I do all the variations of the Golf Swing that
      I do is so there might be something that works for someone in their
      particular swing type, most of the stuff can be varied to suit individual
      applications etc, I have found there is always a ‘different’ tack everyone
      can take that can make their swing respond on most occasions.
      cheers JH

  9. <path_to_url> Elvis Presley

    Handle in, club out…Mike Malaska….Finally they are more
    teachers/coaches going down this route. The “traditional” swing is not
    biomechanically good for the human body sine we are all levers, and not

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +Elvis Presley ”Elvis Hasn’t Left The Building’….My reason for the
      ‘handle in clubhead out’ application is to make sure the handle of the club
      keeps moving in a semi circle to impact and beyond, if you let the handle
      get moving ‘out’ towards the ball instead of ‘inwards’ towards your body
      the lead arm will have to move away from the body which causes the club
      head to be directed to lineally on a path as apposed to it just tracking in
      a circular direction into and after impact.
      We certainly have a lot of ‘levers’ in our body structural makeup but we
      can still rotate around our vertical front and rear axis as we do in the
      turning part of the Golf Swing… however we don’t want the body rotating
      in the circular manner that it does and the hands/arms not coinciding with
      that circular directional process.
      I think all good teachers know that the handle in club head out has to
      happen in any golf swing, its just not highlighted by them enough I think,
      Mike Malaska is of course a very good teacher and he inherently knows the
      absolutes of the Golf Swing .
      cheers JH

  10. <path_to_url> BLACKCROW WALKING

    I like your concepts. What you work on is very similar to what I do. I
    think a lot of people simply don’t understand the arc of the swing and even
    I get carried away doing something else, at times. When I trust my swing,
    I make some excellent shots. Thanks for the video!!

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +BLACKCROW WALKING “let’ the club head find its ‘own’ way I say, momentum
      unimpeded has an amazing ability to exert itself upon the club head in a
      very rep[eatable manner..if you only let it do so.
      cheers Jh

  11. <path_to_url> D Martins

    How far do you carry your 7 iron? Thanks.

  12. <path_to_url> Mark Sanders

    Clubs made too upright nowadays, that’s a major factor in way people swing!
    Practicing with clubs with a flatter lie angle would help achieve what
    you’re alluding too!


    The Colonel

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +Mark Sanders Hi Mark,Couldn’t agree more, the manufacturers are just
      turning slices into ‘Pulls’ with the more upright clubs, if a player has
      normal two axis hands/arms type address setup where the hands are lower
      than those of a single axis high hands setup the flatter clubs would as you
      say in most instances be more beneficial.
      Someone who has a single axis type address like Moe Norman with high hands
      at address needs more upright lie clubs than std, its not widely known that
      Moe’s irons were in fact 3 degs up from std, I know that for a fact because
      I had one of his Natural Golf sets of irons, and all the sets I sold when I
      had the Moe Norman teaching School were 3 degs upright, but that lie spec
      clearly doesn’t suit a conventional low hands two axis swing type.
      It is a damning indictment of today’s manufacturers in how much they make
      clubs so upright, I have one of Ben Hogans Personally played drivers..an
      old McGregor 693 persimmon headed club, its lie is 51 degs , today’s
      drivers are 60 degs minimum , Hogans Driver is 43.6 inches long ( his irons
      were 5 degs flat, again I know for certain because put a set of his old
      spec irons on a loft lie machine at Colonial Golf club ), today’s drivers
      are 45 inch minimum , which means they need a super flat lie, not a super
      ‘upright’ lie, and we wonder why players today drive the ball so badly
      compared to the old days/drivers.
      Tiger is a perfect example , when he came on tour he played a Cobra steel
      shafted driver which was 43 inches long and had a lie of 56 degs, the same
      as Greg Norman used at the same time, when he went away from that spec he
      never hit the ball with the accuracy he did with the old flatter
      lie/shorter driver, nor did Greg Norman.
      cheers JH

  13. <path_to_url> maxxsee

    I think your swingspeed is higher in this video

  14. <path_to_url> Nat McIntosh

    wow jh , iwish I would have seen this utube earlier.great explaination of
    what I call folding around the corner.motion going left firing the right

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Nat,
      This is one of my all time cornerstones for my own swing….it does work a
      treat if you get it right.
      cheers Jh.

  15. <path_to_url> Nat McIntosh

    thanks again.cheers.