Fix Over The Top Golf Swing – Jim Venetos

Hi Jim,I love all your swing thoughts and tips as I have been over the top for years!However my problem is with your thoughts on alignment(previous video). If as you advocate you have a closed stance with shoulders and feet to a certain extent how are you then aiming down target line .

Or is target line to the right.Using your swing I do hit ball well but often goes straight right.What am I doing wrong?

The target line is one where you anticipate a 3 yard draw. Once you lock that down, the fade is easy to create. Why you leave the ball out to the right is a product of your shoulders opening in the down swing. This Drill will help you.

The 'work' in the motion is simply lifting the clubhead up, away from the ground. Then relax and let it fall. Stillness!! Body and Mind. After a round of golf U should feel like U walked along with the ball.
Zen in Motion. :)