Golf Swing Path and Lie Angles – Brad Hughes

I’ve done dynamic fittings with the sharpie line and no matter the lie angle I end up with an almost perfect vertical line. For me my swing and setup will change depending on the tool I have.

I take a flatter club and I’ll bend more at the hips and swing flatter, give me an upright club and I’ll still make a perfect vertical line but I have a steep swing.

I’ve played 3 upright to 3 flat and score just fine. But for me a little flatter feels much more comfortable and powerful.

I’m not into commentating on youtube vids…but I simply have to now…I’ve been playing for around 30 years – at a decent level…and I’ve listened to some right junk from ‘teaching pros’ over the years…but Brad – you are superb…your ‘Power of the right arm’, ‘Use of the forearms’ and these two videos, blows everything out of the water…you have a wonderful ability to teach reasonably technical stuff in a way that even someone as thick as me can understand – and more importantly – implement…thank you for your channel…the last month trying to implement your swing theories has been awesome…Steve