Happy Gilmour Swing and the Right Leg

We all hear the term shift your weight into the left side. DON’T be fooled!!! Many of the poor golfers traits arise from this unwarranted observation. In this video I show you the secret to how the legs and feet work in the swing and how the pressures give the illusion of heading left- when the fact is- it is an entirely different reason how we load dwn and then HIT through the ball.

Thought of this playing yesterday. Amazing. Added about 15yards but dead straight and penetrating ball flight. Thanks Bradley, not intuitive at all but separates the hack from decent players.

You would never throw a ball from your front foot- so why would you hit a ball from your front foot… weight and pressure are two different things and you have to SHIFT pressure through the strike to be able to use ALL the right side and not just the arms