How To leverage Your Golf Swing JH

Another gem of a video JH! I probably didn't describe it as good as you did JH, but when I was experimenting with the bent lead arm swing, my set up looked like what you just demonstrated.

The difference for me was my thought was to keep the bend in the lead arm and to take the club back with the trail elbow pulling straight behind me like cranking a lawnmower.

Something else that I've been working on is keeping my wrist conditions the same as at setup all the way to the top of the backswing. Yesterday my only thought was keeping the cup in my lead wrist.

Almost impossible to do (at least for me in CL) in "my" full backswing. So I shortened my backswing to where my hands felt like they didn't pass my trail shoulder. I have to say JH that I had my best ballstriking session ever...I mean ever in my life!

The compression I was getting was unbelievable! The feel I'm getting is that I'm pressing (and rotating) the thumb pad of my lead hand into the ground. I'm locking my lead wrist and pushing the club with my lead hand into the channel and trying like hell to keep my lead wrist locked in that position to the top of the backswing (cupped). 

 I know that standing the club up and parallel to the trail leg is something that you and Bill have been preaching for a long time and I have been doing that for quite a while...but when I made that my biggest focus area yesterday, my CL light came on!

There's a video on YT where the guy talked about Hogan setting up with the cup in his lead wrist and keeping it there as long as possible, only releasing it with a bowing wrist into impact (or something similar to that).