How to Maximise Your Driver – Tee Height & Ball Position

Hi everyone it’s time to maximize your driver. You really want all every single yard you can get out of your driver today, we’re going to start with setup, t-height ball position and a little bit about aim and tilt.

But every series I will do would be about five different parts: don’t skip any part. You need to do them in the right order. Otherwise, there is a piece missing when you end up at part five and you think you’re done, but we need all of the things to actually work together.

So there’s a reason for every every part in this series, so today we’re going to start with. How do we prepare to maximize your driver? The most common question I get is tea height? Does it really help to to tee it up higher? No, it doesn’t really help it’s not going to change anything you do, but it can give you a possibility to hit up on the ball to be able to hit it the way we want in the end, you need to at least when you tee it up. Half the ball should be above the club half.

The ball should be above The club head. If we don’t do that, we tee it too low. You will be forced to actually hit down on the ball to even hit it, so don’t tee up tee it up too low.

That’s the biggest mistake – and I know that you can hit sky balls in the beginning, but there’s a reason for that. When we do It correctly we’re gon na head up on the ball, so first we need to decide how to prepare. So we don’t destroy our chances to do it correctly in the end.

But, okay, you might miss a few, but in the end you really need that tea height to hit up on the ball ball position. If you follow my channel, I almost have my ball in the middle of the stance, Mostly because I have a low point. That’s really far back here, so it’s easy for me to hit up on a ball even if it would be on my back.

Foot in the middle is fine. The problem is when you try to move the ball too much forward. If you move it move it like that, you’re going to be forced to go around yourself over the top and actually hit down on the ball to even reach it To swing from the inside.

It will be almost possible if you don’t jump to the side and then hit it. You will be in the way yourself. Hip joint is right in there don’t take any reference with your feet, because you one day you might be wider in one day you might be a little bit more narrow and it will move around if you have the hip joint, no further Forward than the hip Joint on the lead leg then you’re.

Fine. We will be able to hit it good from that position. If it’s further back, that’s fine.

We can still hit up on it, but if further forward we’re gon na have some trouble with path and how we actually are able to swing the club tilt, Something that I see and I also see the instructors recommend tilt before you start your swing. That’s a tough one for me to see, because that destroys all the chances to have a good natural tilt that comes from how you hit the ball. Watch the pros on tv they’re not standing like that.

They are standing about the same With almost every shot. When you try to hit up on something with your trail hand, your body will give you a tilt at impact. You need to have room for that natural tilt.

If you start looking like that, you’re going to have a lot of problems getting more like that, there’s no room for the natural move. Of course, a little bit is okay, but don’t try to do this. It’s not going to help You hit up on the ball.

It’s actually going to be the opposite, probably how we aim with the body, because we want to move the trail side of your body to the target. I need to be natural. My feet is pointing at the target or slightly open.

Then I can move my trail side forward. If i’m standing closed. I don’t have that chance.

It will be really hard for me to move that way so again, because we want to use the trail arm the trail side of your body as an engine in this shot. We need to start with the neutral stance or slightly open to have a chance to use that trail side, trail arm and trail power. Now we have everything we need.

T-Height is high enough Half the ball above the club. The ball is not further forward than the hip joint. Then it’s not too much forward.

You will be able to swing from the inside and hit the ball. We tilt a little bit if you want to, but still we need to leave room for that natural tilt. That will be, you will be there if you hit up on the ball And also don’t put your behind pointing at the ball or at the target, try to keep it neutral or slightly open.

Then we have all the chances to hit a good drive. These are simple rules. We just made some limits.

We need some tea height. We need a good ball position. It’s not doesn’t need to be perfect.

We just need to understand that we need to have a few things to be able to do what we want to do. Follow these guidelines. These four things will be just enough.

If you do that, you have all the chances to hit a good drive, so in the next episode we’re going to start talking about how to actually hit it.