6 Responses to “Hugo Boss Watch… Golf Tee.”

  1. <path_to_url> Alan Martins

    Happy new year JH

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Same to you Alan.
      Cheers JH

  2. <path_to_url> rrasmussen32

    I must have missed a video. You are swinging up on the ball? All clubs? I just had my swing checked on a indoor launch monitor and the pro doing it couldn’t believe I could swing 96 mph with such a short backswing, over and over.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Its not really an ‘up swing’ as such … the ball has well and truly gone by the time the club is moving up and the excessive secondary tilt is activated… and bear in mind I am exaggerating everything in the videos/drills… the main objective is to get the lead leg firing back and the lead hip moving rearwards before impact.
      I am glad you had some verification from your Pro about the club head speed you can develop with this type of short length swing… when you finally get the lead leg firing backwards against the lead hip giving that bit of secondary tilt at impact you will get more speed again, glad you are progressing so quickly… I am really surprised how you guys are putting this very different set of mechanics into play so early in the journey.
      But then as I have said before the club player certainly has the ability to self teach … you just need to get the ‘right’ info to apply to yourself.
      cheers JH

  3. <path_to_url> George Smith

    It’s a good thing he didn’t fall asleep on the ground there. You might have been whacking them off his forehead or out of his ear 😉

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Because I denigrated his Hugo Boss watch so much he bought a Rolex so its clearly the next target…the Rolex have a more scratch resistant glass in them as well…. not that I ever touch the glass.
      cheers JH