6 Responses to “JH Doing His Own YOGI Learning Drills no2”

  1. <path_to_url> kikokika1

    hi JH
    Amazing stuff You are a swing wizard i must say
    Having said that Count Yogi swing is way different than a lot, being that
    hes not even trying to hit the ball which should be the case but
    unfortunately for us mortals lol we are so focus on the ball
    Like u said his body is like boneless , Looks at the target and imagine the
    result before the ball is released, his mental edge is amazing like moe and
    ben Hogan like they can see the shot before it happens
    sets its behind the ball and no waggle takes it back no wrist and hand
    action all natural movement and on the downswing drops it effortlessly and
    return it to the point of beginning like what u said his swing is so
    effortless. He doesnt think of distance i guess but he know how far it goes
    so he has no restrain just pick a target and put it there
    like what he said its MENTAL golf not muscular golf which everybody i guess
    is doing

    A million thanks JH i enjoy all your videos and I am now applying yogi
    putting as we speak which i always thought is the greatest putter ever upon
    seeing him do it with anything lol from sticks cane coke bottles. More
    Power to you Sir and keep up the good work´╗┐

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +kikokika1 Thanks for that, glad you share my enthusiasm for the Greats of
      Golf Gone by.. ‘Moe Norman and Count Yogi’…. those swings were unique to
      those two guys but their mechanics can be applied to other people with
      variation and modification with good results.
      As well its just so much fun getting involved in those swings and feeling
      how good they can work when you fit it to ‘your’ body swing capabilities,
      the other thing is how much interest their swings develop with people when
      they are made aware of them.
      cheers JH

  2. <path_to_url> kikokika1

    Hi JH
    Looking at your swing which is so amazing, I hope u would mind pointing
    something i noticed in the finish to get the count yogi finish I guess lol
    its that after turning on the full swing his left foot turns with the body
    as well like its pointing at the target to get the full turn of the
    shoulder. I noticed urs is left foot planted which is a modern swing
    attribute i guess. Pls dont get me wrong hehe in pointing it out ( im just
    a student of the game and loves to learn from you sir)
    This movement was actually pointed out to me by a friend of mine who is
    almost 80 yrs old but still shoots in the 70s i guess and hit the fence at
    the driving range (Griffith Park LA) amazing fellow and a gentleman like u
    and to top it off Being from Texas (Shady oaks Golf club) Growing up his
    first teacher or he was introduced to the game by Mr Ben Hogan wow
    Thank you again JH and i will continue to watch and enjoy ur Videos

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +kikokika1 You are right in using ‘WOW’ to describe being introduced to
      Golf by Ben Hogan…. man how awesome is that… the left foot movement of
      the Count’s after impact is a perfect indicator of his brain controlling
      the Body’s natural reactive needs and requirements to facilitate a swing
      like his that has so much velocity rotation through and after impact.
      The amount his shoulder girdle rotates post impact requires that the other
      body segments like the hips knees etc must provide clearance factors of
      above normal requirements, hence the lower left leg must hyper rotate out
      of the way and release the impact pressures which his super rotating body
      is applying , Bubba Watson does the same….. and so do a lot of the Long
      drive guys.
      That left foot release factor clearly shows how much rotational speed his
      body is generating with his swing, we estimate he could have had 130 mph+
      club head speed on occasions, he must have to hit those incredibly long
      drives that he did with those old 43 inch heavy clubs.
      cheers JH

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +1atomicgolf BTW… my left foot stays stationary at impact and beyond
      because I don’t generate much club head speed …hence their is no chance I
      will injure my ankle or knee by not releasing the pressure amount I
      develop….the Count on the other hand could have injured his left ankle if
      he didn’t release his enormous developed swing velocity.

    • <path_to_url> kikokika1

      +1atomicgolf hi JH
      Thank you for your wonderful insight and explanation of those small things
      that i consider fillers which completes my golf ideas. No matter how small
      they are they are so important.
      Two things though which i must thank you is the front facing chipping
      method is amazing. Its funny how people tend to sort of give u that look
      when u do something different and when i do the chipping method u had in
      here i can say that i an so confident in putting the ball 1. on the green
      almost 95 percent lol even on a shot like 20 yards off the green and 2. if
      i got it just right land it within the 3 foot circle
      Incidentally though it was like 2 years ago where i question the game and
      asked myself why do we hit the ball sideways, cant we do it facing the
      target lol. I actually did it even with driver and was ok i guess in the
      driving range but not in the course because my friends were laughing at me
      . Now i guess the front facing chipping method has sort of vindicated that
      idea and cant wait to use it the next time we play and i have you to thank
      for it JH
      A million thanks sir