JH Finds His Long Lost Swing Secret

The early wrist set takeaway has been mostly discouraged by pro golf instructors in recent years in favor of the wider, one-piece left shoulder move with relatively quiet wrists. Have no idea why.

I’ve tried both and have found early wrist set works for me, provided I start back toward the front foot as I reach the top of the backswing and pivot hard with hips and torso through impact.

The key feelings are: lightness of the club in the backswing, extra pressure on the wrist set at the top of the backswing while also shifting weight into the front foot, and driving straight down with my trail (right) arm with the intent to let my hands beat the club head to the ball.

OMG JH!! I don’t know what you’re going to call this swing. Just got back from the driving range. Honest-to- God I picked up two club lengths with this swing(only took my 6 iron) Like one of the other comments-I too use a 10-finger split grip with this swing. Really allows you get massive leverage with the backswing and downswing. more, more please. I have always been able to take away something from your tips-but this one “takes the cake!”