JH Latest Davinci Code Swing Updates

It’s called angular momentum and I call it standing the shaft up and through or let the grip kick into the right forearm and or point at the armpit of the right.

Welcome to Cmotion it’s because your doing that the push back happens.

Next you will experience cup unders scoop throughers scoop uppers and your divots will become smiley face

Hey Captain, No one does it better than you…but your ‘other’ mechanics compliment this facet perfectly…. Davinci Code  doesn’t masquerade in any manner or form as  a derivative of ‘CMotion’  because it just doesn’t have the same flow/momentum  mechanics that  CMotion does… its a very definite ‘positioning’ process compared to CMotion which is orbital mechanics inertia resultant ….. there is only ‘One’ CMotion…                                            cheers JH

Its just easy looks great JH and the pivots in front of the right pelvis wall it’s always gonna be there cannot change that fact even if you start from the top it makes another corner in front the right pelvis wall