Jim Venetos Free Golf Instruction

Watch this video to learn how to get a free subscription to the Jim Venetos Golf Academy.
My email jim@jimvenetosgolfacademy.com.

I would encourage anybody watching this video to take Jim up on this offer. I was 66 y.o. when I signed up with Jim’s golf academy and had real problems with coming over the top with the traditional golf swing. Now I hit tight draws and have started to enjoy playing golf again. With Jim’s offer you have nothing to lose so why not give it a try.

I also like this method and have been practicing the swing at the house for the last 2 months. I took the swing to the range a few days ago and all my shots, even the mishits where still on the target line. I’m hitting it a little thin, not getting the elevation, so i’m working on my ball placement. I’ve been a +20 guy my whole life (63) and put my clubs away for 3 years, never getting any better.
I plan on signing up soon, this thing is big.