19 Responses to “Latest Davinci Code Swing Update no 2”

  1. <path_to_url> Chip Satterly

    Hi JH!!
    You’re doing an amazing job on this new series!
    I found this video of Tom Ross working with Lee Comeaux.
    There is a lot of good information for the viewer. he is another great ball
    Huge emphasis on the right hand grip and letting the club “drop” to start
    the downward motion into the strike zone.

    Fun to watch!!


    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Chip,
      Tom Ross is another good ball striker …a friend of Lee’s… I have seen
      that video and it is interesting, Tom is like Lee in how he moves the club
      with absolute ease of motion…but then he has been schooled by the Master
      personally …I would love to have a couple of days with and getting him to
      take me through his move processes s physically.
      cheers JH

  2. <path_to_url> freddy

    I took a look one of Lee’s lengthy videos but his stream of consciousness
    style comments are just about unintelligible.
    From what I could tell, the advantage in Lee’s swing is that it’s a hand
    based swing where if you have the correct grip and preload your weight on
    your left side, you can just do what comes natural which is swing with the
    hands and arms (instead of the unnatural act of trying to fire the body
    while holding back the arms).
    I did hear him say in one video “you better be in shape” which I took to
    mean your right side arm’s, pec’s, and shoulder muscles better be in shape
    to swing like that.
    It also sounded like you have to squeeze the grip tightly but the audio was
    so bad I’m not sure about that.
    Also, Do you know when he talks about hitting the outside back of the ball
    if that is just a “feeling” or is he actually contacting the ball on the
    outside. I don’t see how you could hit straight shots if you actually hit
    the outside. The ball would have to go left.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Freddy,
      I actually hit the outside of the ball on all my chip and medium length
      pitch shots… have done it all my golfing life… I dont do it on full
      shots though.
      You wont hit the ball left if your attack path is square or a bit in to out
      … I always have my shoulders closed at impact which makes my attack path
      always square to inside out so I cant come over the shot and pull it left.
      The grip pressure ‘squeeze’ is Lee’s preference ..I find it hard to load
      the club at the top of the back swing with a tight grip in the trail hand
      which he has… but I just dont know enough about how he works his grip to
      apply it correctly as yet.
      The lead side loading is very much his process which I agree with
      completely… I think the swinging freely with hands/arms in what could be
      termed a ‘natural’ action has to happen in conjunction with the shoulders
      being controlled to stay somewhat closed coming into impact so as to
      eliminate to much out to in natural arcing as you would get with a natural
      releasing of the arms if they outran the shoulder girdle to the ball.
      This is the stuff I have to get from Lee as an understanding relative to
      how ‘he’ does it.
      cheers Jh

  3. <path_to_url> karla Wild

    Could you do a video regarding back elbow on body and pivot – maybe do a
    drill to overcome the tendency to “come over the top” with the wrong pivot.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Karla,
      I will be providing a lot more intrinsic information relative to how to
      fire the shoulder quadrant pivot and not ‘get over’ the shot… its not
      easy to get the new pivot action so I know how important it is to get some
      good info for you all as soon as possible.
      cheers Jh

  4. <path_to_url> kikokika1

    JH all i can say is WOW
    i tried it on a par 3 course 4 balls that i hit off the tee
    all four all went dead straight not far but consistently dead straight and
    to think thats my first swing in a week lol
    i just need to add more club to get the distance
    and to think this swing is so short but efficient i hit the ball solid
    although my setup is moe norman style which is 1 foot behind the ball, I
    guess my swing is shorter than urs lol, all i can say is u probably
    stumbled into some new swing (although its a hybrid)
    I call it the ‘J swing’ after you of course lol, coz the arm represents a
    letter J when ur at the top of ur swing, what do u think
    Thank you very very much JH, Enjoy watching ur videos always

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Jay,
      A ‘Hybrid’ of your own making is perfectly acceptable…. we all should fit
      anything we are working on into ‘our’ physical differences.
      Distance will come as inefficiencies improve… I have picked up distance
      actually….the ‘J’ configuration works for me, glad you like ‘Davinci’..

      cheers JH

  5. <path_to_url> edoardo barzano

    It works fantastic and my previous comments about the driver being a bit of
    an issue are bs, as I had the wrong driver. Got the r15 yesterday and this
    swing method is fantastic.
    Hit one straight 280 yds.
    for me the smoother the better… if you force you fire the quadrant in the
    wrong moment…
    I came across your channel as I was Studying Moe s swing. I m really glad I

    i found an interesting video about loft adjustment in new drivers thought I
    share with everyone who s reading…

    JH I don t know how to thank you. It s fantastic.

    I d love to come have some sessions with you if you can drop me an email I
    ll contact you…
    Best Regards


    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Edoardo,
      Glad the ‘Davinci Code’ is working for you…and so early the ‘smoothness’
      is absolutely vital with this swing.. you cant jump into the down swing
      pivot drive.
      I will be doing a video on just this aspect maybe tomorrow… the Tom
      Wishon adjustable driver video should be mandatory viewing for all golfers
      that want to understand why adjustable drivers are made the way they are
      and how you can get results with them without changing your swing sometimes.
      My email is ‘jhensby1@gmail.com….
      cheers Jh

  6. <path_to_url> howe allen

    jh could you send me an email to hlafd@tpg.com.au.I would like to know do
    you live at chinderah???? AND IF YOU do let me know what you would charge
    for a lesson,i am 75 and play off 11 and have moved over to your swing but
    there are a few little ideosyncries.I live at broadbeach and am a member of
    surfers paradise golf club

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Will send you an email.
      cheers JH

  7. <path_to_url> Thomas Thomast

    I really love this instr. You talk at my level and arear my age’

  8. <path_to_url> Tony Shans

    Hey JH…I have been following your blogs when I was first introduced to
    the single axis setup…For the past two years, I have played with the
    single axis, Moe Norman type setup and, felt like my ball contact and
    consistency improved quite a bit…So, when I first saw your newer videos
    with the “slap down swing” video I didn’t have too much interest..Although,
    you do spark my curiosity in all of your videos…So, I went from watching
    your stuff to the CMotion stuff put out by Lee Comeaux…Decided to give it
    a test drive…All I can say is Kudos!!!! Always thought that width equals
    distance…I can’t believe the distance you can get with this small
    swing…I really thought this was going to be a long learning curve, but,
    if you concentrate on getting the elbow back and the club closer to your
    head, this swing is a much easier swing to learn than the single axis…My
    only concern is, on longer clubs, I have to place the ball a bit further in
    my stance or, I wind up blocking the ball…Thanks again JH for your
    constant search of the “Holy Grail”…Tony

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Tony,
      I have to keep looking for different methods/processes for players because
      we all have different uptake levels and physicality… I just try to give
      as many options to swinging the Golf club as I can.
      The CMotion stuff is very specialized and I dont understand its mechanics
      as yet which is why I do variations of it like the ‘Davinci Code’
      swing….well not variations really of CMotion …just my take on some
      different variations of my thinking of some of Cmotion as I see it at this
      cheers Jh

  9. <path_to_url> Tony Shans

    Hey JH…Another swing very similar to this is the Gary Edwin Right Side
    Golf swing…The advantage you offer golfers who are still searching JH, in
    my opinion, is the ability to communicate what you are trying to
    accomplish…I have watched Mr. Comeaux’s videos and, although I kinda get
    an idea, I really can’t make heads or tales of what he is trying to
    say….Your videos stay on point and are fun to watch…Tony

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Tony
      C Motion is complicated on the surface… I hope Lee Comeaux will be able
      to give me some insight that I can work with to help me get a more
      understanding view of its complexity.
      When I say Complexity that is relevant to my own lack of understanding of
      the process … Lee understands it perfectly…I just need him to educate
      me on the process’s nuances, Lee makes it look easy …but he invented it
      so its 1st/2nd/ and 3rd nature to him….
      cheers JH

  10. <path_to_url> M. James

    John, you are one huge inspiration for the rest of us old timers! Any plans
    for U.S.A. visit?

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      I am trying to get to the Golf show in Orlando in January next year,
      haven’t been for a few years…if I do get to Orlando I will probably go to
      a few other states as well…I have a lot of freiends in the US and I need
      to do some catching up.
      cheers JH