Latest Davinci Code Update From JH

The feeling for me is the trail hand going out/over/down and through the ball… and trying to get both hands low and around the body after impact… the throw of the trail hand fingers ensures no ‘picking’ of the ball.

Because my general swing plane is quite flat and rotary it is conducive to a shallower attack angle through impact than most swings… I don’t try to sweep my irons I get the clipping process from my plane angle attack, the benefit for me is that I very rarely hit any shot even slightly fat… my miss hit is a bit thin which invariably doesn’t effect direction or distance much at all.

The only disadvantage I have ever felt with my shallow attack angle has been with 3/4/5 woods of the fairway which require a pinching action to get the right launch characteristics …. but with today’s hybrid clubs I just use stronger lofts and hit them instead of conventional fairway woods… I can hit my 16 deg hybrid as far as any 3 wood I have and with way better flight.

The advantage of not taking divots really pays off with short pitch shots because I can really nip the ball and control the spin …. that is hard to do if you hit the ball even the slightest bit fat with pitch shots.

I am very much trail side/dominant side centered in my body feel…. I have found its much easier to ‘pull’ the trail shoulder back than it is to’ push’ the lead shoulder across/around.