Lee Comeaux JH Davinci Code Thoughts

We have stirrups that start in feet and go to top of head . That’s all I’ll say on this for now. Now knowing the reflexology of the rest is what unlocks your ability to look normal and make a full motion. Biomechanical structural feel and functions will never get you anywhere but lost and contrived .

So JH here’s a huge hint. There is reflexology and parametric acceleration and I can get my club head speed as high as 155 using reflexology and never get hurt or be hurt.

As if parametric acceleration it’s total bullshit and tears your spine to shreds and cannot produce 155 as I’ve done it that way and it’s a total joke and irrelevant.

Reflexology is running your life from birth to death unlock that and it’s over. I’ve figured all that out. I don’t chase Da vinci cause it’s easier then even that.

I haven’t seen the videos you mention as yet, I will have a look today.

I dont know what the answer is for Lee’s swing explanations for the masses , the swing is such a unique personal ‘natural’ occurrence for him that it is a very hard thing to verbalize .

OK… he built the swing he has now …its different from what he had some time ago … so its not a ‘natural’ natural swing but a ‘developed’ natural swing… if that makes sense.

The swing and its mechanics are personal evolutionary resultants…. so personal I believe that they j have just integrated within his body physiology and they have manifested themselves as part of his general unconscious processes that operate his general body limb locomotion processes … he doesn’t have to ‘think’ about how his legs perform the general function of walking …it just happens automatically… I think now for him his swing is just the same.

I guess the comparison of verbal complexity of explanation of a ‘natural process would be to actually explain the process of ‘walking’ as a Physiological/Bio mechanical/ musculature activation application etc….. how do you explain something that just ‘happens’ automatically subconsciously.

The difficulty for us all is that we as ‘outsiders’ to Lee’s personal swing feelings need a verbal vehicle of laymen understandable terminology uptake ingest-ability….. I absolutely know I do.

Lee is like so many other genius’s … they have the personal talent and ability of significant proportions but passing/teaching those talents/abilities on to others is a very difficult process.

How would Rembrandt have passed on his specific brush stroke talents to other aspiring painters… I think we have a ‘Rembrandt Comeaux’ ….. in our midst today.
cheers Jh