Left Arm and Trail Arm Davinci Code

I love watching your videos, and I appreciate all of your insight. Are you are preloading any rotation in your right forearm before you curl in the backswing? I’ve heard Lee Comeaux and Pete Cowen talk about using some type of steep, spiraling down force and forearm rotation to pressure the ball through impact.

I will be doing some explanation of that aspect in my next video maybe tomorrow… in ‘any’ golf swing the lead forearm has to rotate down and around through impact as a feeling….if you see Lee in slo mo through impact from DTL he really has the lead forearm turning down through impact… I just ‘add’ my trail wrist /hand to the rotation of the lead forearm .

I dont have the amount of steepness intention in my own swing as Lee does… as can be seen with his significant divots and me not taking any divots, but that happens because Lee and tour players like Henry Stenson who Pete Cowan coaches are bringing the club head down from a higher steeper swing plane than I do … my club head never gets steep in the back swing because of the swings shortness and ‘lowness’ and as result is very much flatter/shallower through impact .

Its all about what resonates with ‘You’…. we all uptake things differently which is why I have always tried to present as many different ways to swing a golf club as I can…. I taught the Moe Norman method for 10 years but with ‘lots’ of variations because there are just so many physicality differences with players that its not possible to stand or move in a specific way for everyone , most of the time I never taught the Moe split grip because its tough to change to it after using a conventional type grip for any reasonable length of time.

The Graves guys teach ‘only’ the split grip… ok I understand the reason why they want to keep to that grip because it helps with a more pure single axis swing plane at address… but not everyone can do it comfortably… the same with all my swing types… you can vary and modify to suit your own capabilities physically ….none of us are like anyone else… that’s the reality.

There is a lot of stuff to come with the Davinci Code swing… and I have even modified the baseline mechanics of Davinci in the last few days because I have found some ‘better’ mechanics to integrate into the swing…. its very early days of the evolution but things are popping up quickly that can immediately make the evolution much quicker relative to its probable final mechanics application.

I am glad Davinci has provided a new direction for you relative to getting back your golf game… I think its going to be great for ‘all’ of us.
cheers JH