Linear Motion Thoughts in Golf

If we think of golf as linear motions or straight lines, we can perform the golf swing much easier and better. When we try to make circular motions or arcs, we just don't do it well.

Our brains don't think "arc" they think "linear." Point A to point B, that's it. When you hit a nail with a hammer you only think, "straight path A to B," although the hammerhead actually makes an arc.

If you thought, "Arc from A to B," it would be very difficult to hit the nail and you'd most likely over-do it. Which is what we do in golf. That's why most people cannot get their hands ahead of the ball and fat, scoopy, flips.

Think of the clubhead as being delivered down to above the equator of the back side of the ball from a linear path off your right hip.

The blue line in the video is a weight on a rope. That, for some reason, we have no problem comprehending. The length of a stiff shaft is what perplexes our brains.

We could easily hit with the shaft itself but not with a weighted clubhead on the other end of it. We need to think of the shaft as being super flexible, like a rope, so that the weight, or clubhead moves on a linear path to the ball.

If you watch Dustin Johnson you can see this move. He starts the swing by raising his hands and moving them forward, essentially addressing the ball with the middle of the shaft.

Hitting an imaginary ball with the center of the shaft

When you picture hitting an imaginary ball with the center of the shaft the idea of the swing changes from thinking of swinging the tip of the shaft or the clubhead to swinging the entire shaft.

Also, anyone who's played baseball knows you need to stay behind the bat (shaft in golf,) you do not want to get on top of it or let it pass you. The hands will naturally be forward of the shaft and clubhead and the strike is much more natural.

This should help anyone with a flip and/or chicken wing.

I think anyone can perform a perfect golf swing if they only think about it the right way. "Trying" to make a perfect golf swing, does not work.

One final note: a great golf swing cannot be performed at slow speed. You cannot slowly practice the true motion of a good golf swing. There are contortions, inertia and other forces that only exist at high speeds that are necessary to contort the body into positions we cannot "put" ourselves in.

Think of throwing a ball. The contortions in your arm cannot be achieved without the weight and inertia of the ball.

Don't swing the club toward the target, bounce the ball

Imagine the clubhead is a ball on a stick that will fly off the stick and bounce on the ground. You want to imagine the ball will bounce about 3' behind the golf ball so that your hands will be above or vertically parallel with the golf ball.

The shorter the club the closer to the golf ball we need to imagine the imaginary ball bouncing.

We don't swing the clubhead well when we're thinking of hitting a golf ball with it. We need to swing the shaft in a way that clubhead meets the ball. Basically, we need to trick ourselves into making the proper motions.

Pros swing through the ball not at it. You can see when someone is swinging at the ball, there's usually a hitch or flinch as they strike the ball that the pros just don't have.

Swinging by imagining this ball bouncing on the ground removes the "hit" and the hitches caused by it.

We all seem to know almost instinctively that the ball will fly off the stick when it's at about a 45ยบ to the ground. This gets your hands forward and left of the clubhead before the ball flies off the shaft and bounces on the ground