Maximise your driving, part 2/5: Timing & Club Face

Hi my friends it’s time for part two if you have a good setup you started okay you have all the chances to hit a good good drive and maximize your distance but we also need to understand that the club the driver is a very unique club in your bag it’s the longest one with the biggest club head so you need a little

Special timing and you maybe need to think a little bit different to make your driver your best friend most golfers i meet have been told or think golf is just one swing we just moved the ball forward and everything should be okay teed up and move it forward and the driver should work that is a

Sad truth a sad story because the driver because it’s just bigger and longer needs so much more time to be straight than a seven iron so when when you hit a golf ball and you think you have one swing from for every club this is what you’re gonna get

A big slice that slice comes from late release and an open club face it’s really hard if you if you think like that you’re going to do the same with all the clubs you won’t learn to hit a good drive we need to really understand that the club the longer the club the earlier release because i’m holding the longest

Club in my hand i need to really get my arms and hands moving so i get the low point over here but mostly i just need to get a square club face even if you’re outside to in golfer if you release in time you will have a more straight or even closed club face and that slice will turn into firstly a fade but hopefully

You will make a big change and it will turn into a jaw or a hook this is so wrong for most people but it works magic if i go to the top and i really extend my arm i try to throw my arm that way that way not throwing it this way that will be over the top even more i’m trying to throw it

That way so i get down here and up through the golf ball but the bonus is i get a club face that is not open a good release is your trail hand passing your lead hand if the trail hand catches up with your lead hand before impact the club will be a little bit closed and the slice will be gone we also need to get a draw curve on the golf ball or a hook curve on the golf ball

To be able to change swing path so we can swing from the inside because if your brain is seeing a slice shot every time you hit your driver you won’t be able to swing more out swinging out with a slice curve on the ball it will be even worse so first we need to get the timing going so you can actually close the club face if it turns into a hook you have twisted the club face you

Probably heard you need to turn it over if you turn it over it will look like this that would be a big hook a straight club face should be straight all the time that means that no twisting you don’t need to do that all you need to do is get the trail hand catch up and pause your lead hand if you do that just before impact you

Will hit a draw the toe should go up and you will be just fine if you release and it’s just the passing it’s not a twisting it will be a draw and that’s the shot we want this is a special unique club it’s the longest and biggest club in the bag treat it like that use timing to close the club face you don’t need to be stronger you don’t need

Probably to change much you just need to hold on less release more you’ll be just fine try to do this make make almost a new program in your brains every time you bring the driver to the tee you should think earlier release to get the club face straight trail har trail hand pass lead hand don’t try to turn it over

Otherwise you will turn into a hook next episode is all about swing path but to make a inside to out path you first need to get the timing right so don’t you need to practice both club face first swing path next time