Mike Austin’s Rare Swing Demonstration

Years ago, I sniggered at this video of the guy in a skeleton suit, but now, I’m in absolute awe of Mike Austin, I was playing poorly and decided to study the swing from a physics and logic angle, and achieved great success.

Now when I watch this video, I just see the best implementation of a human catapult that ever lived, and wished that I had studied his motions more intently and saved myself a lot of wasted time.

I stumbled upon Mike Austin and found your video of him yesterday. Was fascinated and watched a lot of other Mike Austin Swing videos, including some of Dan Shauger’s. Today I tested it out on the range, hit 150 balls and no back pain. Got maybe 10-20 yards extra distance on the 7 irons, and hit my personal best drive today also. Amazing man and amazing swing that he developed, really a shame he isn’t recognized as much as he deserves to be.

I got to know Mike when I was a member at Riviera CC. He was already an old man with more knowledge about the golf swing then most would ever know. He was a great guy as well.

Truly breathtaking swing, such elegance and power, i gather he was a ballet dancer in his younger years, which
must have helped him in his balance and strength, in fact the lower body movements seem to me ‘dance like’, even into his late 70’s before his stroke still hitting it 300 +, and no hint of any back problems that beset many pro’s. i’m in the early stages of using this swing and you immediately get a great sense of freedom in your body, and a sense of easy power through the ball.

I’m a golf instructor and the big key with mike is the one piece move too the 7 he talks about in the back swing. that angle coming down into the through swing is easy and creates a swing speed u never thought attainable. watch the video, look for the 7 position.