Mike Cortson – Ben Hogan Secrets

I teach Ben Hogan's secret as it was taught to me by his only pupil, John Schlee,PGA Tour rookie of the year 1965.

Are you happy with your golf swing? I make golf easier by teaching the fastest and easiest way to long and straight golf shots!


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Ben Hogan First Move From the Top

​Keep in mind Hogan had his club face open 5 degrees at address so he knew he could pour it on as hard as he wanted and the worst he could do was hit it dead straight. But that is no secret. After Schlee showed me how to do "the secret" you can't help but see it. It is like the arrow in the FedEx logo. Once you know where it is you can't help but see it.

If he had a screw driver in his left hand he would be unscrewing a rusty screw as hard as he could right through the ball. If you have a screwed up swing, unscrew it.

Directing Energy in a Golf Swing - Mike Cortson

Mike Cortson - Golf Weight Shift Hidden Issue

Mike Cortson 5 iron demonstrating Ben Hogan Secret

Mike recorded this video 7-5-09 Ben Hogan's power secret (btw it is not in the dirt) Not too bad after Mike having suffered a massive stroke in 2003 with lots of residual pain and partial paralysisnter your 

I learned this directly from John Schlee who learned it directly from Hogan. John specifically called it "the secret, and it isn't in any of the books." The extra spike is for pushing his behind over his left heel which he called "the turning point". You have to get your center of gravity over that heel then turn your hips and core like an ice skater. Keeping your hands close in to your right hip permits you to turn faster just as a skater spins.