Moe Norman and JH Davinci Code

Your mention of Hogan got me thinking and I went back and reviewed that famous 1965 face on footage in slo-mo of him hitting the driver. I’m also thinking of many of your students who’ve said “but how do I get back to the ball if I keep my right elbow where it is”?

Hogan helps himself get back to the ball (with elbow still on the right hip) by shifting his hips significantly left.

At impact (even before impact) his right hip looks like it’s moved so far left that he is up on his right toe with his right leg leaning 30-40 degrees towards the target. It’s like he moved the right elbow/hip “unit” up to the ball (or almost).
(also, not to be a nit picker but the sound quality in this latest video is noticeably worse than previous videos. Is that a different mic or are you wearing it differently?)

Moving the ‘ right elbow/hip unit’ “UP” to the ball is right where you need to be thinking