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  1. <path_to_url> Lea Pustetto

    great video jh. i get the throw back. i have been too robotic. i need to
    just throw it back exactly like you said. can’t wait to get to driving
    range. thanks again lea

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +Lea Pustetto Hi Lea,
      It really is a very important facet of Moe’s mechanics which I have never
      heard discussed by anyone before, and what supports it is the clear use of
      it by Hogan in his swing, again I have never heard any of the so called
      aficionado’s of his swing mechanics make any reference to it, I truly
      believe it is hidden Gem of both Moe and Hogan’s golf swings.
      I do remember Moe telling me the second time I spent time with him that his
      swing balanced ‘him”… which I interpreted as the ‘orbital mass drag’
      factor created by the ‘throwing back’ of the club head, its so simple when
      you understand the dynamics effects in play when you do the throwback.
      regards JH

  2. <path_to_url> Lea Pustetto

    yes jh. it makes a lot of sense. it starts you off beautifully and gets
    your hands into position without thinking. i think you have indeed found a
    hidden gem. as i said can’t wait to try it out. cheers lea .
    oh is it a good idea to read the golfing machine by homer Kelly or is it
    too complicated . cheers

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +Lea Pustetto Hi Lea,
      ‘Without Thinking’… that is the secret I believe… well at least after
      the initial ‘activation’ of the hands to get the club head free wheeling
      into the back swing.
      I will be doing another video probably in the next day or so detailing what
      ‘without thinking’ really is for us a relative to the body’s automatic
      reactionary processes that take place every second just to keep us in place
      in space so to speak, I think it will help to understand the reason the
      throwback works as well as it does if it is left to its own natural devices.
      Is it good to read the ‘Golfing Machine’….yes and no, ‘Yes’ if you want
      to see how an ‘engineer’ perceives a Golf Swing relative to its theoretical
      ‘construction…with ‘construction’ being the intent and the futility of
      such an endeavor within the time frame a normal golf swing takes to perform.
      The ‘No’ argument is founded on the time you will waste trying to ingest a
      manifesto of ‘contrived’ bodily positions and the specific mental
      programming that is supposed to ‘make’ the body conform to the many
      required ‘stations’ that are required in the ‘Golf Machine’ doctrine.
      The Golf Swing can never be a multitude of individual thoughts and specific
      every-time required body component positioning, the Golf Machine teaches
      absolute positioning and sequencing of body parts … the body doesn’t work
      that way so you are going against its natural developed functioning
      processes…my advise…read it and understand what you ‘shouldn’t’ try to
      do with a golf swing.
      regards JH

    • <path_to_url> Lea Pustetto

      That sounds pretty right to me.i bought the other book ….his life story
      by mistake ( good read). And was wondering if it was worthwhile. Now i
      won’t bother. Thanks . I’ll. Go with moe Norman. Cheers thanks for the

  3. <path_to_url> Chabacano Maximus

    Hello JH,
    enjoying your videos very much. I’ve struggling with my swing for a while
    now, and I’m looking to implement this hybrid swing of yours. looks very
    repeatable. couple of questions, pls.: 1) is this swing the same as the one
    in your other video tittled: “JH fit again powers up moe norman mechanics
    2) are you using a weak grip, and 3) is you back foot (right) sightly
    behind the front? if so how much? thanks in advance JH.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +Chabacano Maximus HI CM,
      My version of Moe’s swing has always been a ‘Hybrid’…the JH Fit Again’
      swing is ‘my’ version of Moe’s mechanics and basically what I have used
      when I talk about Moe’s swing in general.
      My grip is on the weak side for sure and that happens purely because of
      ‘my’ range of motion in my wrists and my palm /fingers length ratios , I
      have relatively short fingers and a longish palm so its difficult for me to
      have my right hand turned much to the right because my fingers come off the
      My right foot is somewhat behind my left at address but again that is
      because I like to feel ‘into’ my back swing at address, frankly for most
      people ( right Handed that is) I think the right foot back a little helps
      with weight shift and rotation .
      regards JH

    • <path_to_url> Chabacano Maximus

      JH, thanks so much for replying to my post so promptly. I actually hit the
      range today to try the swing and had some success. a lot of power (7 iron
      going 180 yards, long for me). I did have a few shots that went right. no
      slice though. just a straight shot to the right (like if I was aiming out
      there). any ideas why? impact felt solid… I notice you also do a little
      pre-turn at address where your head looks a little tilted and a little more
      weight on your left foot, is this accurate? thanks JH and thanks for
      explaining Moes theories so clearly, truly enjoy all the videos and
      stories. keep up the good work.
      David from california, us.

  4. <path_to_url> David Bowie

    Hi JH,
    I just came across your Moe Norman hybrid swing and the acceleration
    videos. It’s just been three days it has changed my golf game. I’m a 7
    index and I can’t believe it but my game is going to get even better. Just
    like you said, “I can’t hit it any straighter” Thanks so much.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +David Bowie Hi David,
      You know the great thing about the Golf swing is that there is always
      “something” that we can try and to fit into ‘our’ swing that can make a
      difference, and frankly that’s why I explore ‘everything’ I can about swing
      mechanics, there are so many little keys/things that you can try that may
      get you an individual result, the ‘secret’ is out there.. as Hogan said we
      just need more ‘daylight’ to find it.
      regards JH

  5. <path_to_url> Ask Me

    Have you checked out Jack kuykendalls e2e swing with the swop grip. He
    should come up with a better name for it. However it’s amazing. I am a big
    fan of moe norman and learned moe,s swing back in the 90,s. But Jack has
    invented an even better and easier to repeat swing. It looks strange but it
    works great. Even less moving parts and no power loss, with extreme
    accuracy. I’m 55 and this swing will allow me to play good golf for another
    30 years. just check it out. love your stuff.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +Ask Me I know of Jack because of the Natural Golf company he founded , I
      met him way back when I first started teaching the Moe Norman method…
      1992 …Jack of course was the person that brought Moe to prominence at
      that time,and got Moe to use the split grip and the big Natural Golf grips.
      Jack was/is the quintessential ‘mad scientist’ ….. he is a very smart guy
      intelligence wise and I dont think he will ever stop looking at ways to
      swing the Golf club differently.
      I haven’t seen e2e swing but I will surely look at it today, I am all for
      investigating’anything’ that I can use to make swinging a golf club
      easier…..or to just have more fun with the swing.
      cheers JH

  6. <path_to_url> D Martins

    Is that what Duffner does as well?

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +D Martins Certainly Duffner, and Hogan as well.

  7. <path_to_url> bigindian65

    This is awesome

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      +bigindian65 So many ways to hit the Golf ball, and invariably there is one
      that works for the individual, but you will never know which is ‘the’ swing
      for ‘you’ if you dont try a few like you are doing, glad this one is of
      interest to you.
      cheers JH

  8. <path_to_url> Steven Whitley

    I don’t think that even the chaps at the Graves Golf Academy (Moe Norman
    School) mention the idea of “throwing” the club back. This might be the
    most important tip of all with regards to developing a solid single plan
    swing – for me! Thanks.

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Steven,
      It just came up in general conversation with Moe when I asked him what he
      did in his backswing..he said just ‘tossed’ the club head back around his
      body ..and he showed me the motion which was for all intents and purposes
      just a ‘throwing’ action as if you were trying to throw the club head off
      the shaft if it was loose enough to fly off the shaft.
      I haven’t heard it mentioned by anyone else before….like you I think its
      a vital aspect of getting a a swing plane that is purely momentum based and
      self positioning as apposed to trying to ‘put’ the club into position or on
      cheers JH

    • <path_to_url> Steven Whitley

      I can actually hear how pure you are contacting the ball. What are your
      thoughts on “grip pressure”? I believe that Moe advocated that the trailing
      hand was just along for the ride? I gather this meant a fairly lose grip?
      Finally, with regards to this – can you wear a glove and still be as
      effective with this type of swing?

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Moe had a strong grip pressure in his left hand..maybe a 7 out of 10, the
      right not nearly as strong, you must remember he was left handed so his
      lead hand/arm was his dominant strength mechanism, he had the ability to
      have the strong pressure left hand grip but could keep his forearms very
      soft which is very hard to do.
      Wearing a glove is no problem …I only stopped wearing a glove a year ago
      because I always had trouble getting the fit and feel thickness consistency
      with gloves generally, best thing I ever did frankly, I have so much more
      feel and control in my left hand now without the glove, it took me 2/300
      balls a day for a month to get the feeling in my left hand without a glove
      on but its so good now not having to worry about sweaty or wet gloves
      cheers JH.

  9. <path_to_url> Willie Phelan

    Hi JHI’m looking at your video on Moe Hybrid Swing I am 64 is that to old
    to learn the More Norman Swing. I have to say I am enjoying watching your

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Willie,
      64… to old to learn the Moe Swing… you know Moe was 67 when he changed
      to the two handed split grip himself, no you are certainly not to old.
      Its not necessary to learn the ‘absolute’ Moe mechanics , you can just take
      the basic elements of his mechanics and blend them into a ‘Hybrid’ version
      to suit your own physicality, glad you like the videos .
      cheers JH

  10. <path_to_url> Willie Phelan

    Thanks JH,I am on the way to the driving range I will start working on some
    of your Moe hybrid tips.Thanks a million.