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Hi JH, I hit balls to day, some good , some fat. I wasn’t standing close enough to the ball with heavy elbows like you explained. I have to learn this swing so I can continue to play golf. I haven’t lost any distance but the ball was a lower trajectory. So I have to remember to swing up. Excellent instruction. I’m learning more every video. Thanks again.

Hi Ray,
Its a swing that will take some time and patience to learn…. I am just like you at the present time and I am taking things in ‘baby steps’ because it is not an easy process to ingrain and change over to which is why there will be bits of intrinsic info coming along every few days… I am amazed that some of the guys have taken it to the course already and had results of a reasonable nature.

Ray if this swing doesn’t work for you I can assure you there will be other options for you…you wont have to stop playing… where there’s a will there is a way.
cheers JH