7 Responses to “More Single Axis Golf Swing 1”

  1. <path_to_url> rick lamb

    JH is that Hogan divot ahead of the ball, does it “start” 4 inches past the
    back of where the ball was? I think that’s what you mean, but it’s
    important that this is conveyed clearly — the club contacting the turf
    with a 9I is doing so 4 inches beyond the back of the original ball
    position, along the line of compression, the plane line – – right? 

  2. <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

    Correct..The divot starts about 4 inches ‘past’ the ball down the line of
    compression/target direction…sometimes 6 inches. JH.

  3. <path_to_url> john Jay

    I’ve been doing natural golf for a few years now… it works pretty good
    but I’m going to try your swing as it seems even better for one’s back. I
    will post later at the outcome. where are you John

  4. <path_to_url> Bo Parker

    Club placement to low, mid, and long irons? I noticed that the shorter the
    irons, the more to the front of the stance you stood. Is that just the
    video angle or is there some logic. I’ve practiced the swing and it works
    best with my shorter clubs all the way up to 6 iron. After that, I tend to
    draw left trying to figure out how to commit. Feels like with longer irons
    (including driver) that I’m about to hit the ground before I hit the ball.
    Is this due to ball position in relation to my stance? 

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      If you are a ‘slider’ in your Golf swing like Moe Norman was you can play
      the ball more forward because you are moving laterally to the ball at
      impact, if you are a ‘Rotater’ you will not be able to get to ball before
      your clubhead is turning off the target line.
      I just position the ball where I can maximise my address balance
      factor, I never think a specific ‘position’ for the ball I just position
      myself to balance and where the ball ends up is where I leave it.
      regards Jh

  5. <path_to_url> ringwood1000

    Is this the gary edwin swing?

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Not the ‘Edwin’ swing..Gary’s mechanics are basically ‘Stack And Tilt’