More Specifics Of Davinci Code Swing

JH, I’m very excited with this swing. I am finding that the handle or top of the grip is slamming into my inner lower forearm on my trail arm with the backslapping movement. I play with single length irons and do choke down some on the grip. After a bucket I’ve definitely got a mark and soreness on the inner arm. Have you had this happen to you?

Wow you must be really ‘throwing’ the fingers/hand away with the wrist hinge release, I actually went through the range of motion throwaway that is required to get the top of the grip to dig into the lower trail forearm and I cant actually get that much throwaway in my wrist release, you are really firing the fingers/hand unbelievably aggressively and with incredible range of motion, I just dont have that range of flexibility in my wrist hing.

Maybe because you are gripping down on your irons the bit that is extending out of your hand is the reason for the contact on your lower forearm, I could get the grip to touch my forearm in a practice swing gripping down but I had to overdo the release action which I couldn’t do in my actual swing, I actually think if you can release your wrist as acutely as you can do it has to be a plus….JH