Natural Formation For A Conventional Golf Swing

JH, I’ll continue as you suggest to work on shorter swings with increased grip pressure and a deliberate release. Somewhere in that Mike Austin video someone asks him about either just letting the arms fall at the ball or delaying the release (audio was very bad at that point) but he strongly disagreed and seemed to indicate he vigorously started throwing away elbow angle and then the wrist cock very early.

So whether I look at his teaching, Monte’s S. teaching, Tony Luczak, Lee Comeaux, or your Davinci, everybody is talking about getting some form of right arm cast going early.

So I may end up having to do it regardless of the direction I go but maybe just more slowly and smoothly through the ball than most.

Its just foreign when you start thinking about getting the club head going super early compared to what you have been exposed to for ever in conventional teaching… but if you think about it the earlier you get the club face releasing the more chance it has to be square or even a little closed at impact .

Just as an aside .. every person that ever came to me with the shanks I just applied one remedy/cure… get the toe of the club closing as soon as possible through impact… you cant shank if the hosel is moving ‘away’ from the ball which it does if you release the toe of the club way early… that simple action cured everyone of their shanks…..’everyone’…

Just hit some short shots and get the club head releasing what you think is ridiculously early whilst keeping the shoulders way closed … once you get the feel of the early release you will immediately understand why most impact/contact problems occur by not releasing the club head early enough.