12 Responses to “New Pitching Chipping Method video no 1”

  1. <path_to_url> Lee N

    JH…good tip! Question…you look like you are using a wedge and flying
    the ball half way there.. Do you use one club? Many others suggest getting
    the ball rolling as quickly as possible on the green. What are your

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Lee,
      That particular pitch I wanted I wanted to hit reasonably hard with a bit
      of spin so I used the wedge, I use any club from a 4 iron to sand wedge,
      just depends on the shot , but I always use the ‘pressure’ point’ grip
      cheers JH

  2. <path_to_url> William Noell

    JH, are you still using the fool proof method of chippng?

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi William,
      I do use the foolproof method myself but its not for everyone so I show
      players other variations that they can apply to their existing methods like
      this particular tip..
      cheers JH

  3. <path_to_url> Bill Walsh

    Hello from bill on Long IslandI have been worKing on chipping for weeks
    with little consistency.However, I took your technique to the course today
    and it worked great. Consistent contact and consistent results. Still need
    to fine tune it but I’m a lot more confident that I will be making good
    contact with compression of the ball.Is it possible to use pressure of that
    right hand against the thump for those 50-60 yard pitches?

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Bill,
      I think I said in one of the videos that I personally do use the the
      pressure point grip for pitch shots up to on occasions 80 yards or so, but
      when the shots are longer you must keep the pressure pushing the grip
      ‘down’ through the shot with the lead hand turning down through the shot
      otherwise you will ‘hold off’ the release to much and not get the distance
      you need.
      cheers Jh

  4. <path_to_url> Bill Walsh

    You’re correct. I really like the idea of using this for short pitches. We
    get a lot of heavy wind by the ocean always seems to be in your face or in
    a hurting crosswind. Because we are in sort of a drought, the lies are very
    tight. This technique worked really well. Thanks JH!

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      From a tight lie you can really ‘pinch’ the ball with this action because
      the pressure point grip always gets the grip in a strong forward lean
      position at impact which takes some of the bounce of the wedges which is
      what you want with tight lie shots.
      cheers JH

  5. <path_to_url> Chip Satterly

    Hi JH,
    This set up and shot makes so much sense for shots around the green.
    But it’s a little hard to see your grip on this video.
    Would you be kind enough to do a short clip with a close up of your hand
    position in the face on view?

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Chip,
      I am doing a new Putting video so I will do a revision of the chipping grip
      at the same time, the Putting video I think will be a revelation for most
      people, I have found something that is really interesting.
      cheers JH

  6. <path_to_url> Chip Satterly

    Hi JH!
    I’ve been working really hard on this chipping method.
    Making good progress and when I hit one just right, the feeling of crisp
    contact and ball action is MUCH better than anything
    I’ve done before.
    “Keeping the pressure on” the grip is also helping me focus on the back of
    the ball and avoid head motion that results in poor shots.
    My QUESTION…do you use one club most of the time for all distances or are
    you more likely to use various lofts for different distances and
    If one club…which do you use the most?
    If one club, do you usually use just one set up and ball position and
    control distance with your swing length/speed?
    Many thanks!
    You have re-awakened my interest in golf AND IMproving my game!!

    • <path_to_url> 1atomicgolf

      Hi Chip,
      For straight forward pitch shots and chips around the green when there is
      no undulations in the green I use a 56 deg sand wedge… if there are
      uphill contours I use less lofted clubs and get the ball on the ground
      early run the ball to the flag…high spin quick stopping shots is always
      the sand wedge up to 50 yrds…longer than that I hit a lot of finesse
      wedge shots… you would be surprised at the type of clubs I do chip and
      pitch with sometimes.
      Ball position for me is all about how I want the ball to react after it
      hits the green… I am very much a ‘see and feel’ player and wherever the
      ball position ends up being is just a result of how I am ‘feeling’ the shot
      at hand… frankly the same applies to my general irons and driver
      swings..I never think of a ‘specific’ ball position… its always about
      balance and the shape of the shot I need .
      cheers JH Glad your interest has come back online… as they say you never
      ever know what the ‘next’ shot can bring .