Opposite Lock Chipping Pitching – Channel Lock

The Golf Journey

The opposite chipping and picthing technique that JH shares in this video will help all golfer and especially those that have yip type chipping

The V's are supposed to be pointing in exactly the' opposite' direction to each other .. you have to exert an opposite turning of the hands/forearms to each other to cancel out the rotational forces ... this is a specialty grip only for use in chipping/pitching... the V's of both hands should be pointing way outside 'each' shoulder and totally 'opposite' in direction to each other.... so your eyes are not decieving you ...
cheers JH

This may be my missing link in my short game accuracy.Your practice tee is the most outstanding golf lab there is.

This grip is totally for precision chipping and pitching .. MR X only hit some full shots today for fun... the grip has less purchase than a normal grip so it not designed for shots where the club will be swung faster than say a 50 yard pitch or fringe of green chip..its designed to take all the extraneous hand action out of precision short shots.
cheers JH